Reason for Running

Within these past weeks, I have 3 people told me I lost weight which was quite a surprise considering that I had actually gained weight since the start of the year.

For the past years I have managed to maintain my weight around 74  – 75 kg but with a much reduced strength and running regime but increased food intake, the weight has gone up to 78 kg. So like what most people believe, it is pretty easy to gain weight.

 I written previously about how to lose weight but frankly it not really that easy. The principal is easy enough – calorie loss more than calorie gain but a  lot of hard work and determination is required – to exercise more, eat less and eat healthy and with our busy work schedule and good food in Singapore, that is like a near impossible thing. And now that the year end is almost round the corner with all the festive goodies beckoning, it only going to get harder.

Which was why when someone asked me recently why I run so much, after thinking it over, I replied in all sincerity – so that I can eat more.

What is your reason for running?

Weighty Matters

A lot of my friends are forever hoping to lose weight. Frankly quite a number of them are already quite slim and almost to the point of being skinny but somehow they still think they are too fat. Maybe that is a sight of anorexic?
For instance, there is this guy that I run with quite often. At one point in time just a few months ago, his stomach was “protruding”. One day, he declared that he was going to lose weight and that his stomach will be smaller than mine. Of course that was fairly easy to achieve since he didn’t know that cause beneath my loose tee, there is a flabby stomach. Within a few short months, his stomach was gone, his weight was down so much and he looks awfully skinny and sickly. On the plus side, he went from being a fast to a super fast runner coming in podium in a few of the recent races.
Pic from DumBell
Then there is this young lady. She is already stick skin but she still proclaim every now and then that she is fat. Truthfully, she do have some muffin side but I guess that is the case with most people and something that cannot be avoided.
Me, on the other hand, have been trying to balance my weight for quite some time. Somehow I feel I am too skinny and need to put on some weight especially on the face but I am mindful that I cannot put on too much especially since I now have a thyroid condition which will automatically cause me to put on weight if I don’t watch it. I won’t mind putting some more flesh on my quite sunken cheek but I don’t think there is any magical tool that can direct the fats there instead of the waistline. Actually if I follow the local BMI standard, than I am slightly overweight which is quite weird since most people wouldn’t really think of me as being overweight although there was a point in my life when I was actually overweight.
Anyway, the reason I musing over this weighty matters is that it is now the Chinese New Year period and I will be gorging myself silly on pineapple tarts and more pineapple tarts and hopefully bak kwa as well as much dining here and in Bangkok and I need to really balance the calories intake but its going to be a tough battle and one which I don’t think I will win. 
So I going to prepare for more runs from February onwards. There will be long runs in the trails and on the road, short runs around the neighbourhood and in town and long night runs. Its a tough life!

Waking Up Early is Making Us Fat

Waking Up Early Is Making Us Fat! This startling headline in the papers screamed out at me and caught my attention immediately.

Those who follow this blog will know that I obsess over my weight a lot. Not that I am really fat but I am very mindful of the bulging waistline and fighting what seems most time to be a losing battle of the bulges.

So the article was a real eye opener.. Just look at what the researchers have to say:

– “…….metabolic chaos: glucose spiked to levels that could, over time, trigger diabetes, while energy expenditure slumped to the point where subjects would have gained up to 13 pounds in a year.”

– “Sleep loss, says Buxton, triggers a feedback loop that “makes people prefer processed and sugary foods over fruit and vegetables, while leaving them with less energy to exercise.”
Reading it, I now have the answers to why I am losing the battle

1. I am waking up too early especially on weekends when I set my alarm to go off at ungodly hours just to go for the long runs.

2. No wonder my body has been resisting the idea of waking up early. Our God created body is not just a piece of miracle, it is also the best physician and it knows that waking up early is bad for the body. So now I know why I loves to sleep so much ~ cause its good for my body

I going to sleep now. And don’t wake me up please. Thank you arigato.

Project Tummy Resurrected

I gave up on Project Tummy after 3 months. So what if I didn’t reduce my weight to 75kg? The daily weight in isn’t going to help. But surprise surprise, weighed myself recently and by golly, the weight has dropped to 74kg. The weight now fluctuates between 73.5 to 75.5Kg. Why such a big range? Don’t ask me. Ask the weighing machine:)

But anyway I figured what happened was this.

In the first month or phrase 1, I was concentrating on losing weight via the classic burn more calories method. However, the way I went about doing it was not to exercise more but to exercise or to be more precise, run less. Instead of doing LSD, I switched to a combination of the now in fashion HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. As a result, the monthly mileage averaged around 120km.  Food intake was  as per normal. 6 – 7 meals a day. Ultimately I guess not enough calories were burnt.
In the 2nd phrase, I decided to watch my food intake using a app on the mobile phone. And true enough, for the period that I was monitoring, there were more “gain” days than “loss” days. No wonder cannot lose the weight. But calorie counting is too troublesome and I soon gave up and just forget the whole thing.
But I did do something else. I skipped 2 meals out of the 6 – 7 I take a day. The 9am office breakfast and the night snack were dropped. So sad no more late night chocolate. I also reduced my intake of the already less sugar soya drink to twice a week. Exercise routine continues as per normal.
And I guess this is what works. Finally, I was burning more than I was gaining. The trouser is a little bit loose now but I not measuring it yet. The tummy is still flabby but it’s okay. No longer young so can’t really be bother. So at the end of the day, weight loss is still a simple matter of burn more calories than take in calorie .

Count Your Calories

After a rather unsuccessful attempt to lose weight, 3.5kg over the 3 months although the target was 5kg, decided this week to do a little experiment and to count the calories. 
I downloaded this little app from the Health Promotion Board and used it to track the calories consumed and burnt for the day. This app, the Interactive Diet and Activity Tracker (IDAT) allows one to input activities or upload direct using the built in Endomondo software and to keep track of the food consume using the food calculator. Generally, the app is quite useful although it would have been if the food choices were more comprehensive and localised. It does not have many common food combination and instead one has to key in separately eg for peanut butter sandwich, one has to keep in bread as a separate entry from peanut butter. Also, there are limited choices for chicken, egg (couldn’t find fried egg (or sunny side up egg) etc.
After keeping track for 1 week, I had an overall loss of 499 calories which means I had made no progress at all!
This little experiment will ends today as I find it tedious to keep searching for the food items after every meal and going through all the options. But for those people who are disciplined enough, this can be a useful app for keeping track of the calories. The app comes in both IOS and Android platform and can be download here.

Project Tummy Month 1

Finally 1 month has  passed since I embarked on Project Tummy.

Unfortunately, despite all the hard work, not much has changed. Sure, the weight has dropped a tad from 80kg when I first start to 77.5. It did dipped to 76.5 once but had generally hovered between 77 – 78. But it’s okay there is still about slightly under 2 months to go to lose the balance 2.5kg. Shouldn’t be too difficult as long as I remember to cut the calories. General consensus is I need to have a calorie loss of 500 per day to achieve the desired weight loss so it as simple as cutting out the chocolates and dessert. But first of course have to empty the fridge of all the chocolates from Christmas which means it kinda difficult to achieve.

But that is the easy part. The jingly tummy is still jingling away. Absolutely no change at all.

Crunches ain’t going to help so the next so some drastic actions might be called for……….like liposuction????
Haha I don’t have that type of money to burn so its back to the grinder:( Anybody got any suggestions to burn 2 inches off the waist?