The Animal Resort at Seletar

Recently I went to the Animal Resort at Seletar. The last time I went there, the kids were still in primary school. I had thought the place had relocated a few years ago to Johore when the farms there were cleared to make way for the Seletar Aerospace. But it seems I was wrong. The farm is still there and very much unchanged except that now to get to the place, one has to go in by a new road, Sengkang West Road Farmway instead of from Jalan Kayu.

It looks like time has stand still there. The same old gate; the same old shed and the same old animals. The horse is still there.tar_5616

And the Cassowarytar_5690

There was the usual goose, ducks and chicken but something which I swear was not there before. A pair of guinea fowl.tar_5681

The ducks looked weird though with all the warts or whatever it is on the faceduck

There were the usual rabbits and guinea pigs and smaller birds in cages and visitors can buy food to feed them.  There were a pair of peahen and a peacock as well but these were in a big closed enclosure just like the Marabou Stork. Guess these 2 will bite.tar_5672

The new addition was this beautiful African Crown Crane though.tar_5764

The Animal Resort is not exactly a zoo but it still is a great place for kids to get up close to some animals and have a fun 1 hour or so. And other than paying for the animal feeds, admission is free!

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Have not been there for some time and thought I paid another visit before the migratory season is over. Hit pay dirt early when at the main hide just after the main bridge, spotted a Collared Kingfisher which was close enough for a nice shot. The best part was when we came back it was still there and this time with a partner. 2 for the price of one!

06-SBW_3764There were the usual suspects, the Plovers and the Egrets and the Milky Stork.13-SBW_3657


A bit disappointed that I didn’t see any woodpeckers or snake but was excited when some visitors informed that they saw a crocodile up on the bank just a short distance away. So we went crocodile hunting but couldn’t find it. In the end though, we managed to see 2 of them at the usual place under the main bridge.05-SBW_3776Then there are the usual monitor lizard which are often mistaken for the crocodile or worse still, Komodo Dragon. 04-SBW_3782Most time we see them in the water but high up in the tree?03-SBW_3793

Another animal that is always up in the tree – the cute little squirrel.12-SBW_3677

Spotted a fly on the ledge of the Tower and it didn’t fly away even when people moved nearby. Changed to a macro lens and got this close up.11-SBW_3704Wanted to take more shot of this since it was such a quiet and cooperative model but M was shouting excitedly about some bird on a tree and so when to take a look.  I think it is a Olive backed Sunbird but it was so far away and this is the best that I can managed. 10-SBW_3713

All in a rather fruitful morning out there.

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Decided to go down to Sungei Buloh even though it wasn’t the best time to do so. Afternoon is never good for wildlife sightings and beside the migratory season is over. Didn’t expect to see much but was hoping for a glimpse of the smooth otters or the elusive crocodiles. True enough, after walking nearly the whole round, all I got was lot of sound of cicadas, small birds that were beyond the reach of my lens and lot and lot of mosquitoes. And of course many many Golden Orb spider like this big one here01-SBW_6944

But just barely 100 metres from the exit, came across this guy who was excitedly shooting something. Went closer to kaypoh and lo and behold – a Flame backed woodpecker. And it was at close range although it was flitting from tree to tree. The 2 of us snapped away like mad attracting the attention of all those who walked by. I prayed hard the noise they made, especially fom the children will not scare it away. Fortunately the bird was so focused on finding a good tree to peck, it ignored everyone and put on a good show for us. In the end, I got some good clear shots. 18-DSC_7062 15-DSC_7035

And after that, just at the long bridge immediately after the Visitor Centre, we saw this.22-DSC_7115

Crocodile! And not one but 2!26-DSC_7142

Then there was this Yellow Billed Stork that was wading around27-DSC_7163

And then it took off towards my direction and I managed to get this lovely shot24-DSC_7136

And as a bonus, I got this blurry shot of this shorebird which I can’t quite identified31-DSC_7201

So it was a good time to go Sungei Buloh after all.

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Been to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve a few times but not been able to get some decent pictures until this latest outing. The real purpose was to catch a glimpse of the 3 metres long crocodile but unfortunately after covering almost 2/3 of the place, all we sighted was this creature and its siblings. 
Me think it is the year end holiday seasons and the croc which Npark said came overseas from Johor and is therefore a FT, had took leave and gone home for the holidays.
No crocs but plenty of birds. Managed to took some nice photos although I don’t know what birds they are other than the general description.
I think these are plovers. 

An egret?

A heron?

A yellow billed stork?

A white collared King Fisher
Common Redshank?

M also spotted this caterpillar. I am still amazed at how she can see things like this. I could have walked past without a second glance

And these caterpillar has a Chinese Dragon like feeler. Amazing!

And these lot. I think they are a bunch of caterpillars but they look more like a tarantula.

This was the most productive trip to Sungei Buloh so far. Hope to come back soon with a little bit more time and cover the rest of the other route and take more pictures.