Don’t Take My Photos!

Whenever there is a race,  we at Running Shots will have people asking whether we will be turning up and before the day is over, we get people asking when we will upload the photographs. So it seems that there are a lot of people who are anxiously waiting to see themselves in print.

But inevitably, there are a few people who doesn’t seem to want to have their race photos taken for one reason or another and we get request to take down their photo.

At Running Shots, we do have some guidelines for removal of photos.

The most obvious cases are photographs with wardrobe malfunction. During our post processing, we will remove any photos that we deemed to be “indecent” or expose more than what the runner intends to show. But of course with thousand of photos per event, there will be cases where our tired eyes fail to pick them out and these we will gladly removed if asked.

The other instance where we  remove photos are photos of handicapped or disadvantaged children. From time to time when we cover events with children participation and the organiser has forewarned us not to take handicapped children or certain child, we will respect their wish and refrain from doing so.

That is about the most we will do. In general we do not remove photo for any other reasons although we do leave the discretion to the individual photographer to make the call. The reason is because there may be other runners in the photo and it will be unfair to them if we remove the photo at the request of one individual. And if we accede to one request from someone who just feel they look unglam, pretty soon we will get request for all sort of reasons and we might as well end up not going down to take photos at all.

It is fair to say that most of those who asked us to take down their photo are female and  feel that their photo is “unglam”.  Which is quite surprising considering that when I wrote the post “Unglam Running Photos”, I got hell from women lib people who strongly denounced my ill-timed advise on how to look glam in running photo.

Maybe instead of telling us to delete their photos, maybe these people who don’t want their photos taken presumably because they look unglam or do not want to be identified could perhaps consider doing this:1-W10_6668And if that still don’t work, how about wearing a mask?Fancy dress costume at the 2012 Virgin London Marathon Just a thought. Maybe we at Running Shots should start selling a tee shirt with the words “Don’t Take My Photo” printed big big on it. White-Tee-ShirtAny takers?

But seriously, I said this before and I will said it again, there is nothing wrong in looking unglam in a running photo.  After all you are not participating in a fashion show or a beauty contest.

Running Shots at the Great Wall of China

Over the course of the May Day holidays, a team of Running Shots photographer were in Beijing at the invitation of one of the organiser of the Great Wall of China Marathon to cover the event. 5 of us made the trip despite it being a semi-volunteer assignment meaning we were not paid for our time and effort.  The organiser only covered our transport and accommodation but hell, it was still worth the trip!

The day prior to the race, we decided to go and recce the Wall. Unlike back in Singapore where there was only a few race route, this was new to us and we needed to know the vantage points to take the photos. Our objective was very simple. To take the runners in the most scenic places along the routes nevermind that they may look like shit after going through the course.

Of course we never thought it was tough for us as well. Silly us. The route was a multi-loop courses and so we foolishly decided to walk the stretch of it. We started at the Jinshangling part of the Wall and we will walk to the u-turn point which is the Visitor Centre at the East Gate. We estimated the distance to be around 5 km and told the driver to pick us up at the other end at 12 noon. It sounded easy enough but we had not reckoned on the many steep and narrow stairs up and down the various towers and the heavy load of gear on us. Soon despite the wind, we were tired and getting slower and slower. The 3 hours leisurely recce that we thought of soon turned into a big struggle for us. And it was 8 km and not 5 km! But fortunately the pain and weariness was forgotten when we got our reward of the nice view along the way.

Here are some photos of the Wall and the view from it.


The main entrance at Jinshangling


The tourist part of the Wall. For those too lazy and weak to climb the real thing


Our first destination


Yes this big tower at the end here


Nice view along the way


Towers and more towers


Some of these climbs are very shiong


Un-maintained part of the Wall


Climbing up these steps was tough


Got to use hands too to go up


This small slope is at least 16 degree more steep than the slope at the main road of our Bukit Timah Hill


Looking far beyond the Wall

So anyway after more than 3 hours of huffing and puffing, we reached the Visitor Centre at East Gate. We had our recce, we know where to put ourselves; arrggh we got to do this all over again the next day! but heck, it was fun.

For those looking to visit the Great Wall of China, I understand there are other sections opened to public in other parts of China but this is the toughest lot and those looking for a good workout and nice view should come to this part of the Wall. You won’t regret it.

More photos on FB.

Report and more photos of the Great Wall of China Marathon coming up soon.

There nothing to be ashamed of

Recently we at Running Shots got a request asking for us to remove a photo. Now getting request to remove photos is quite common. Most time it is due to a wardrobe malfunction or some very glaringly faulty shot. So when this request came we thought nothing of it. Probably a badly taken photo that slipped QC. It sound like it though from the message which I quote:

“I know I’m not tagged but omg guys a lil bit of quality control! Please please please take it down”

When we took a look at the photo, we were real surprise. There was no wardrobe malfunction. Neither was it out of focus or badly taken. In fact it was a perfectly well taken shot. There were 3 persons in the photo. 2 Caucasians (a man and a woman) and 1 Chinese man. What was unique was that the couple were obese. But there was nothing word with the photo per see.
Last year I wrote a post  about how to look glam for one’s running photos and got whacked left right centre by a lot of ladies. I guess the point which the ladies were trying to carry across was that it should not matter whether one look glam or otherwise when they are running. What is important is that they made the effort to go out and run. And I totally agreed with this stand. 

So for this particular case I guess this lady was the reverse of all the other ladies. The only reason I guess was she didn’t want other people to see her obese self. Which I think is very wrong and silly. In fact, she should be proud that despite her size, she is doing something about it and out there participating in a race. 

For me, every time I see someone who is older, obese or handicapped participating in a race, I am encouraged and motivated by them. And I think that it is wonderful that despite their condition, they are still out there pounding away and not letting their condition get to them. A case in point is our very own blade runner, Sharif. His life story would make a very compelling sob movie but every time I see him, he is always cheerful and encouraging others in their own.

So I think this lady should not be ashamed of her size. She should be proud and happy of herself. And my message to everyone who is willing to wake up at ungodly hours, pays exorbitant transport fare and race fee to participate in races, you are beautiful in your own special way and you should never  ever be ashamed of it.

Unglam Running Photos

I was taking photos this morning at the annual Shape Run. While I was sorting through the photos, I realised why they named it the Shape Run. Cause the ladies do really come in all sort of shapes. Hahaha, but that is not the topic of my post. The other thing that I noticed was that most ladies look very unglam in their running photos. But before you ladies out there jump in and said “abutthen, what do you guys expect?”, let me state that I also captured shots of ladies who still look glam and cool and some even glow! Here are just a few examples:

For obvious reasons and since I value my life and my camera and do not want some enraged lady to kill me or kick my camera the next time they see me shooting at an event, I am not going to post any unglam photos here. Those who are curious can go check out the photos in Running Shots:)
But for those ladies who are honest enough and admit that they do look unglam in their running pose, here are some tips on how to look glam:
1. Put on some make up. I know, I know a lot of ladies will kpkb about this, how make up can run with all the sweat and grim but I think there are some waterproof make up available. 
2. Tie up your hair. I think I blogged about this before. Nothing is worse than hair flying all over. Or wear a cap. Look at the ladies above. None of them has messy hair. They are either tied up neatly or they are wearing a cap.
3.Its in the eyes. Most of the unglam photos have one common theme running throughout. The eyes. Some are shut, some are slit, some are sunken. The easiest thing is to wear a sun-glass and volia! Again just take a look at the photos above. The glasses do make a big difference.
4. And last but not least, smile. I know after running for more than an hour, it is a torture for some people but a beautiful wide smile can make a world of a difference. Don’t you just love the smile on the faces above? The next time you see a photographer, just smile. We loves to shoot cheerful looking people.
There you have it. The trick to looking good for your next running photo.

Venus Run – Running Shots Photo Contest

2 years ago, the sidekick participated in the first Venus Run at Bedok Reservoir. I was there too and from the expression on all the ladies face, it was an unanimous consensus that they enjoyed the run. Unfortunately, for some reason, it was cancelled last year but it is back this year at a new location, the Marina Barrage. More details can be found here
Running Shots has been appointed the official photographer for the Venus Run and in conjunction with this, Running Shots will be holding its first ever photo contest. 
 Ladies, sign up for the race, come dress in your most outrageous, funky, sexy or creative attires. Get ‘shot’ by Running Shots and be voted our “Princess of the Run” and stand to win one of the 3 prizes on offer.


So ladies, this is one race where you can win a prize without having to run too fast and trying to get podium. So quickly sign up now. Registration closes very very soon in face on 28 February 2013. Don’t wait any longer!

Running Shots

A friend, Marcus Lim took his interest in running and photography, put them together and came up with Running Shots. After going it alone for a while, and with the ever increasing number of races,  he roped in a few other fellas including me to join in the effort.

The objective of Running Shots is simply to take photographs of runners at races and then upload them online for the benefits of the runners. Consequently, the emphasis is not quality but quantity although we will try our best to take good pictures. But as long as the face is visible and identifiable and the picture does not look like it was taken by someone riding on a roller coaster, we will upload the photos to the group page on Facebook and website for free. Yes absolutely free to download the photo, print them and share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media but….
As per  common law every where, the rights to the photographs belong to the photographers of Running Shots and not the person whose picture has been taken. Therefore, while we may be proud and happy that you like our photo, you may not have them published in any other media like magazine, newspaper or commercial website. However, we will in most cases give our consent to the publication if we are asked provided credit for the photo is attributed to Running Shots and/or the photographer. Of course, passing off the photographs as your own and using them to join photography contests is a “no no” and we will not hesitate to ask the contest organiser to remove the photos if we come across such cases.
Event organiser who would like Running Shots to cover the events may write to Running Shots at
Meanwhile, runners if you see a photographer along the race route, smile, wave and who knows, your photo may appear on Running Shots!