The Singapore Song By Rony Tan

I like Corrine May but somehow her National Day song doesn’t stuck a chord or gives that lump in the throat feeling. This is so much better but still not that rousing or have that catchy beat that makes one sing along. Give me those good old songs like Stand Up for Singapore or Count On Me Singapore anytime.

Christians have no rights?

As I trawled the internet for the latest on the Rony Tan saga, one thing strike me. On blogs and especially forums, the attacks come fast and furious. There are plenty of name calling, hate mail, flame and most of it were 1 way – towards Rony Tan and in many instances, Christianity and the churches. The response by Christians in contrast were more muted. And this remind me of the Aware saga where the takeover of  Aware became an attack on not just the challengers but on Christianity.

Which is interesting. Where are the police reports filed against these people? Or is it alright to bash Christian but not alright for Christian to bash others? Or is it because Christian are perceived to be easy target (turn the other cheek?) and can be bullied? Or is it that Christians have made themselves so unpopular with their ‘superior than thou’ attitude and ‘you sinners, we believers’ mentality that they have become the boxing bag for everybody?

But thankfully here in SG, Christians are not so confrontational and should rightly be so otherwise we will end up like certain countries.

Hopefully, the whole thing will blow over soon and peace will return. And hopefully, I won’t get invited to coffee by the good people at ISD for writing this.

Gays got no righst!

next time people will want to get married to monkeys. And they will want rights

Who said that?

Ha ha ha no prize for guessing.

But it is not a joke. And I am not laughing. In fact I pity the poor chap and I completely agree with him on his comments.

This has nothing to do with bestiality as alleged by the pro-gay/lesbian community.

It is about basic rights and as far as I am concern, in Singapore, if you are a gay/lesbian, you have no rights. The vocal minority voices of the gays are getting irritating and annoying. And it is time the silent majority come out loud and tell them to shut up and if they are not happy with the treatment they are receiving in Singapore, fine, leave and go to the US, Netherlands or wherever where there are no morals and there they can do what they want!

So I hope the police throw out the complaints. I don’t see any merit in it at all or what grounds they have. To accuse Pastor Rony Tan of creating unrest among the different class of people is stretching the truth too far. In the first place, who was it that deliberately uploaded a 9 months old video in the church domain to the public domain? What was the motive? Is it as one gay leader was quoted as saying “this might be an opportunity to establish gays and lesbians to be a class of persons to be protected under the law

But seriously, if we bow to the voices of these ‘minorities’, do we want a situation where we allowed gay marriage in Singapore? Or allowed 2 gay men to adopt a child? Or what if everybody demands that they have the right to practice what they believe and everybody must respect their rights, all in the name of basic human respect? What if a man demands to marry his daughter? Or 2 siblings claimed they are in love and insist on getting married? Are we going to allow that? And he is not so far off in the monkey thing. A guy in Japan married an anime character; a guy in India married a dog; another in Sudan married a goat while one in England married a sheep and a French lady married a dead man!

So it is not gay bashing. It is about what is right or wrong. Not just in the eyes of God but in the eyes of the law and what is acceptable public moral and last I heard, homosexuality is still illegal in Singapore!

Miracle Breakthrough Service

For the first time in many many years, I stepped into a church, not for a wedding service but for service. But it was nearly not meant to be.

It was Good Friday and at the invitation of a good friend, M & I went to Lighthouse Evangelism at Tampines for their Good Friday Miracle Breakthrough service. Maybe I really have been out of the church scene for too long but things really have changed. We got there late as we had problem finding a parking lot and had to park much farther away. And when we finally reached the church, I was so surprised that it was full and people were milling outside because they couldn’t go in and the usher refused to let anybody in. That was it! At that moment, I thought this wasn’t meant to be M time to hear the Lord’s message. But our friend, who had invited us came through in the end and she and her children gave up their seats for us so in the end we managed to go in. Thanks Mich but a church turning people away? That was something I certaininly had never expect to see.

And there was a second surprise for the evening. The hall we were in was on the first floor and the service was being conducted from the church at Woodland and broadcast live. That was something new to me. I have heard about this of course but somehow it wasn’t the same looking at somebody on a video screen and singing along without a worship leader. And the thing is we were on one floor and there was another 2 floors of people looking at the same video broadcast. Which was really so unreal to me.

This wasn’t a worship service. Rather as named, it was a Miracle Breakthrough, an evangelical and healing service for the non-believer and sick. The 3rd surprise was hearing the testimony of 2 Mediacorp artises, Rayson Tan and Chen Liping. I didn’t know they were Christian. More surprising was that it was another Mediacorp artiste, Li Naxing who introduced them to Christ. The testimony was done interview style by Pastor Rony Tan and centres on their lifes before Christ and how they accepted Christ.

This was followed by a call for non-believers to stand up and accept Christ. Was M sufficiently touched by the testimony? Apparently not, caused she stayed put in her seat but in a way I am not sad. I could like it that should she one day choose to accept Christ, it will not because of some charismatic pastor and emotional feeling from the service or pressure from anybody but because she is ready and sure. Just like Chen Liping. In her sharing, she was the first one to felt the touch of the Spirit and the call of God but it was Rayson Tan, who was brought up in a traditional Taoist family and who was by their own accord very supersitious and religious who accepted Christ earlier while Chen Liping took some time to be ‘ready’.

This segment was followed by a mass ‘healing’ session. Now while I accept that God can perform miracles and healing, I am always uncomfortable by mass session like this. Maybe I should just go to a traditional church although I think those are a dying breed judging by the number of flourishing ‘modern’ chuch. Even Lighthouse, when I was a student worshiping at Jubilee Church, Lighthouse which was actually a breakaway church from Jubilee had just a handful of members worshipping in a small rental shophouse at Holland V. Look at how it has grown! Anybody know of any traditional church to recommend?