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August 7, 2010

The Singapore Song By Rony Tan

I like Corrine May but somehow her National Day song doesn’t stuck a chord or gives that lump in the throat feeling. This is so much better but still not…

March 2, 2010

Christians have no rights?

As I trawled the internet for the latest on the Rony Tan saga, one thing strike me. On blogs and especially forums, the attacks come fast and furious. There are…

February 23, 2010

Gays got no righst!

“next time people will want to get married to monkeys. And they will want rights“ Who said that? Ha ha ha no prize for guessing. But it is not a…

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April 11, 2009

Miracle Breakthrough Service

For the first time in many many years, I stepped into a church, not for a wedding service but for service. But it was nearly not meant to be. It…