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February 14, 2018

Birding in Hong Kong

I don’t really go to any country specially for birding – except for the Fraser Hill and Tanjong Tuan’s trip. But I want to. But I also want to hike…

Kranji Marshes – the Conservation Area

I been trying to get to the Conservation area of Kranji Marshes since my last visit to Kranji Marshes in June last year. But because Nparks only allow for guided…

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June 26, 2016

Heron Watch

Did my second Nparks Volunteer survey. This time it is Heron but not just Heron but Egrets and Bitterns. Our mission is to count the number of these birds along a…

June 12, 2016

Birds at Pasir Ris

Pasir Ris is a bird haven and I hope it continues to stay that way although with the continuous non stop construction, I am fearful of this. Here are just…

In my Own Backyard 3

Walking the combine Pasir Ris Park and Tampines Eco Green, both places just within stone throw from my place and though migratory season is over, there are still some birds…

In my own Backyard

The green forested areas around the neighbourhood are fast disappearing and it its place sprung high rise apartments. Fortunately for me, living along the Sungei Tampines, there are still plenty…