Running Lab Funan Thursday Night Run – End of the Road

After close to 11 years, the weekly Thursday Night Run at Running Lab Funan finally came to an end. This has gonna be the longest running store based group run in the history of Singapore. Many have started and spluttered but the Funan TNR has went on and on and on and I am proud to have been a big part of it since its inception.

I was one of the original Run Leaders from its inception and continued with that role even after all the original super duper Run Leaders left. Now the run are in new hands and growing strongly with a core group of regular runners.

I will miss the big open space between High Street Centre and the Singapore River where we do our warm up and cool down.1-DSC_1177

Over the years there has been many changes. When we first started. to run to to Marina South we have to run on the road side via Marina South Garden. There was no Marina Barrage then but now there is a traffic free route to Marina South and Marina Barrage. To run to Tanglin Road or Jervois previously, we had to cross 3 major roads, namely Kim Seng, Zion and River Valley Road. Now there are 2 nice underpass connecting the Havelock area to Kim Seng and Zion Roads.2-DSC_1188

I will miss the familiar and convenient access of the shop at Funan Centre where we had lot of fun posing for photos after our runs. But one thing that won’t be missed is the small little toilets there and the miserable food court on the 4th floor.4-DSC_1195

But fortunately, the Running Lab Weekly Night Run is not going to end any time. There is still the weekly Tuesday Night Run at Novena Velocity and the Thursday Night Run will start afresh at the Running Lab’s new outlet at Marina Square from 2nd June onward.

For the inaugural session on 2nd June, Running Lab has lined up a great program for runners. International ultramarathoner Vlad Ixell will be leading a 5km run followed by a training and Yoga session. A goodie bag worth $25.00 will be given to each registered participants.  To join in the fun, register here.

End of an era – CBD Runners

Running groups come and go. Some are a bit more resilient and stays a few years. Some die barely a few months after they start. In today time where things come and go at super speed, the CBD weekly Tuesday night run was a constant. But like all good movies, all good things has to come to an end and finally after 10 years, the CBD run has shut down.02-DSC07129

The CBD run was started by Little Tigger and Tiwazz and a few others back in 2006 when mass running in Singapore was just starting to take off.  The CBD run was a spin off from the now largely defunct SGRunners. Back then, there was corresponding regional group run like the Eastside Run, Westside Run and even a Northside Run! Interestingly, not all the founder of the CBD run work in the CBD yet they initiated it in the CBD for the benefit of us folks working there.

In its early years, the number of runners at each session was easily more than 20, a record for group run in those days. This is a picture of the runners at its first anniversary run in 2007.


Photo credit: Tiwazz

The runners meet every Tuesday evening at the open area on top of the Tanjong Pagar MRT and ran to places such as Marina South, Fort Canning and even Mt Faber. With the redevelopment of Marina South, the run there was curtailed and looking for new routes became more challenging.

The CBD run was especially memorable as it managed to play matchmakers and spanned a few couples some of which gone on to get hitched.

The construction of Tanjong Pagar Centre on top of the MRT took away the little space for the runners to gather and that I think was the start of the death knell for the Tuesday night run.

By then, many other running groups had started in the area – from the still going strong Running Lab Funan Thursday Night Run to the HPB I-run twice weekly run at the UOB Plaza. There was also the Athletics Circle Thursday run and the Newton Wednesday Run both of which have since went the way of the dodo bird. Some of the runners moved to these new groups which were nearly or more accessible to their workplace. I myself went over to the Running Lab Funan Thursday Night Run although I tried to join them once in a blue moon like during their anniversary!

After 10 years, the CBD run has finally decided to bow out. In its last year, the number of runners have dropped to a handful of regulars, not helped by the lack of activity in the SGRunners forum where all the original members came off.

Anyway 10 years is a long time thanks to the dedication of Little Tigger, Tiwazz, Suanjing and Charlotte. Thanks for the time and the memories!

CBD Run finally

CBD run. The last time I joined the gang at Tanjong Pagar was way back in December 2008. Has it really been that long ago? Anyway, just for this week only, and because a time slot came up and before the gate closes again, was able to join the run up to Mt Faber. Hopefully this will not be the last one for this year although most likely I reckon it will be the one and only. M of course came along to ‘protect’ me from the ‘elements’. Ha ha ha!

The crowd had grown. There were many new faces and fast runners. As usual, we (meaning M, me, myself and I) ran at a nice jogging pace at the back. Didn’t want to exert too much energy. Got a long climb ahead. And so when we reached the foot of Mt Faber, we managed to coax that little bit of reserve out and ran up the hill without having to stop to walk. Three cheers for myself:)

Some of the ‘on’ runners ran 4 or even 5 rounds of the 1.6km loop at the top of the hill while cowards like me did only 2 and at a very nice relaxing pace too. After all, the scenery up is so nice – must enjoy. Run too fast cannot see anything leh.

After that, we trotted down. And just as MR is a jinx place for me, Mt Faber (or rather the CBD Run Mt Faber route seems to be a jinx route for M. She fell again. Sighed, so now I got 2 walking wound in the family. Fortunately, we were running so slowly that all she got was a bloodied knee and some blueback on her shoulder. Maybe I should really stopped doing this route totally?

CBD 2nd Anniversary Run

Joined the sgrunners’ CBD 2nd anniversary run. This is probably the 2nd time I joined the run in the past 12 months. Tonight we did a short run to Marina South and returned for the feasting:)

Thanks to LT and Tiwazz’s hard work and effort, the CBD run has grown into the biggest sg related run attracting runners from around the area and spin off runners from RL. LT has been hard at work training the runners in the run up to the SCSM last year doing intervals, running up Mt Faber etc.

I wish I can join them more often but I can only afford to spend 1 weekday night out a week. Got to spend more time at work with the family.

Anyway, happy 2nd anniversary CDB runners!

CBD 1st Anniversary Run

Although not a regular runner there, the CBD run has always been special to me as I was the first one to moot it in the forum. Unfortunately, due to problem over finding a place to store our barang, it died a natural death until Kops (nka Little Tigger) resurrected it later. He solved the problem by volunteering his car as a mobile store room and on those days that he couln’t make it, Tiwazz sacrificed his run and stayed to jaga the barang.

So when it came to its 1st anniversary, how can I miss it? The turnout was humongous. I gave up counting after reaching 20 and there was so many new faces. We ran the original 6km route (more like 7km) led by Little Tigger and swept by Tiwazz (just like the good old days) at I think a slow pace of 7.30 – 8.00min/km? That was the warm up though for what was to come – the feast! It was a potluck session with each runner contributing a bit and a anniversary cake contributed by Tiwazz. I think everybody stuffed themselves full and gain back + more whatever calories lost during the run. There was gift too – a personalised bookmark and a calendar card (thank you (whoever made the bookmark) and Sotong for the photocalendar card).