Marina Bay at night

Another photo walkabout at the Marina Bay area. The other photo shoot at the area was day time, at the the usual Marina Bay area tucked between MBS, Floating Platform, Marina Bay Financial District and the Helix Bridge. And from the Garden by the Bay East. This time at night  on the other side of the Helix Bridge where the F1 pit is.

This also count at my 2nd attempt at some night photography. The previous attempt was along the banks of the Singapore River starting from Hill Street till the Fullerton area. There was an earlier occasion in 2010 but that was terrible. Still a long way to go. 🙁

The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest as seen from the far bank along the F1 track/Singapore Flyer side

The Marina Bay Financial area and MBS from a very different angle

The underside of Sheares Bridge

MBS as seen between Bayfront Avenue and Helix Bridge

And MBS from Marina Square

Singapore Garden Festival 2014

I have been going to the Singapore Garden Festival for the past few years. Usually it is held indoor at Suntec City but this year they decided to have it at Garden by the Bay South which was pretty cool or so I thought.
I first went on a Tuesday with a group. It rained early in the afternoon but by they time we got there, the rain had stopped and the sun was out. Which was the first problem. It was hot. Freaking hot especially with the crowd. So we avoided the outdoor exhibits which was a pity. To ensure that the plants survived the heat and rain, there was also a huge air condition tent to house the rest of the exhibits. But no matter how big it was, it was still much smaller than Suntec. And there was a series of a pavilions and not all of them were air conditioned which means we were subject to the heat. 

One of the outdoor garden display with the air con tent in the background
Another of the outdoor display

The orchids exhibits and contest area were housed separately in the Flower Dome but here again the exhibit area was so much more smaller than Suntec. The orchids were displayed together and there were queues everywhere to see them.

We have to queue (foreground) to go in for a look at the winning orchids entry

The main display for the orchids was in this structure where they planted the orchids all the way to the top on  the inside of this structure. Unfortunately one had to queue to go in and see the orchids.

And this is what the inside looks like. 

So I think they should move the show back to Suntec. If they really want the connection to Garden by the Bay, then maybe hold it at MBS and people can walk over to the Garden if they so wish.

Anyway, here are some photos of some unusual looking flowers from this year Festival and from the Flower Dome.

Gardens by the Bay

Finally I managed to drop in both the Conservatories at Garden by the Bay. I have bee to the Flower Dome previously but not the Cloud Forest. These are the highlights of the Garden by the Bay in addition to the Supertrees.
Since it was the last day of the Tulip flower shows, I decided to go down and take a look at both the both.
Here are some photos from the visits.
This is the flower dome. There is a center area where the flower exhibits can be changed. The whole place is climate controlled to the cool dry Mediterranean region. In addition to the flower exhibits, there are display of plants from all the region such as olive trees, cactus and so on.

The Tulip exhibits with tulips from the Netherlands. Tulips of all colour and size. Beautifully arranged although sadly because this was the last day of the exhibit, a number of the tulips were already withering.

A close up of some of the tulips

Other flowers in the Flower Dome

The Cloud Forest is a stimulation of the mountainous region complete with a 35 metres waterfall and artificial mist. Plants here are those that can be found in the sort of altitude with many species of orchids, pitcher plants and bromeliads.

The main “actions” is on this 35 metres high tower cum waterfall. There is a lift to bring visitors up to the top and slowly walk down the bridge to the bottom while viewing the plants alongside.

Some of the flowers found there

Didn’t have time to go over to the Super Trees. Was there last year and took some photos of the trees in the night.

Certainly while the Garden is a bit artificial, it is still worth a visit to gawk at the exotic plants and the colourful trees.

Garden by the Bay South – Supertree Grove

After a few runs in the newly opened Garden by the Bay South with nothing to remember the expensive but beautiful trees, finally went back on a non-running day to take some pictures.  Due to time constraint, we went straight to the Supertree Grove. The artificial trees with all the lights remind me of the trees in Avatar the movie. The 18 trees are actually artificial structures resembling trees but they are planted all round with real plant. We went late so there wasn’t enough light to capture the plants on the trees but we managed to watch the beautiful light show which comes on nightly at 7.45 pm and 8.45pm.

A little bit of creative play here

The photos are not very well taken though. For a much more beautiful view of the place, visit my friend, Aram Pan’s VR site for a virtual reality tour of the garden.

Admission to the Supertree Grove is free but going up to the Skyway cost money.

Hopefully, will be able to find some time soon to visit the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome.

Tanjong Rhu/Gardens by the Bay East

Next week is the 2nd Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore. I will not be doing it but just so that I can get a whiff of the excitement, I decided to run a teeny weeny portion of it. East Coast Park don’t count so settled for the 2 km (I did say teeny weeny portion ok!) stretch along the new Gardens by the Bay East. 
Started off from East Coast Park Car park B1. The actual full marathon route takes one up the green metal bridge to Area A but since that is still closed off to public, we detoured and went via Fort Road/Tanjong Rhu.
We ran into Kampong Arang Road and hit the waterside. This was part of the route for this year Marina 21 (I think they could have done better if they have adopted my route today). Running along the riverside was great. It was partially sheltered from the heat by the trees and building along the side and we had a great run along the river bank. There were nice view of the buildings in front and on the opposite bank like this view of the Tanjong Rhu estates with all the condominiums in the background. 
Further down across the water, we can see the construction for the new Sports Hub. This area is going to be real hot in a few years time!
Once passed the condominiums, we were in the new Gardens by the Bay East, a big hot park, hot as in searing hot from the sun. The park like all other new parks in Singapore, does not come with big shady trees, just saplings which does not provide any shade at all! Also didn’t notice any shelters and Singapore is one of the most lightning prone place in the world! I seriously wonder where all these people who design our parks come from. Don’t they know the weather here is not great for outdoor strolling! The plus side is there is a nice wide asphalt path to run and walk on. The view on the other bank was gorgeous. And that distracted me enough to take my mind and body off the blazing hot sun.

Soon we reached the Marina Barrage. There was a gate between it and the Gardens by the Bay but it was opened and we ran through to cross the barrage. Behind the gate, other than the sea was more construction.

But on the other side, looking back where we came from, was more great view of the city skyline including the now iconic 3 main structures, the Marina Bay Sands, the Flyer and the Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. 

All in, a great place for a short run or a stroll, provided it isn’t so damn hot!