Scotland Category

November 24, 2014

Birds & Butterflies of Scotland

Beside the birds in the zoo and bird parks, we saw many wild birds on top of the countless sea gulls and ducks. Here are some of those that I…

November 16, 2014

Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland

Our last main stop before we move over to London was to the Edinburgh Zoo. It seems we must make a pit stop at a zoo in every major place…

November 13, 2014


Edinburgh has got to be the most boring place so far in our visit to Scotland. Other than Arthur’s Seat, there wasn’t really much to see. The famed Royal Mile…

November 13, 2014

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, Scotland

In Edinburgh, we were a bit lost what to do. We had visited the Royal Mile the day before and didn’t particularly fancy going back there. We also had no…

October 28, 2014

Camus House, Onich, Scotland

During our sojourn through Scotland, we stayed at quite a few places. Mostly bed and breakfast but the place that stand out the most was the┬áVictorian style Camus House at…

October 26, 2014

Glen Nevis – Steall Fall, Scotland

Continued from Glen Nevis – Lower Falls, In the end we decided to continue on. Why? Because we could see other people driving in so we figured since there are…