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June 17, 2015

The Sad Story of Mt Kinabalu – Part 3 For and Against

Now I come to the various arguments put forth by people on both side of the fences. Of course with the benefits of hindsight, many arm chair critics and as…

July 15, 2014

Journey to Mt Kinabalu – The Descent

What goes up must come down. And so do we. After climbing for 14 hours over 2 days, we were finally ready to descend to Timpohon Gate. We had a…

July 12, 2014

Journey to Mt Kinabalu – Low’s Peak

We woke up at about 1 am. Or rather we were ready to go at 1 am. Light out at Laban Rata was  8.30 pm incredibly early but aside from…

July 5, 2014

Moths in Kota Kinabalu

We went for lunch at this place at Bundu Tuhan. Apart from our group, there was no other customer. But there were a lot and seriously a lot of moth.…

July 5, 2014

Journey to Mt Kinabalu – Laban Rata

Most people who goes to Mt Kinabalu goes up via the Timpohon Gate trail. Our friend, Tony arranged for us to climb via the Mersilau Trail. He said it was…

July 1, 2014

The Journey to Mt Kinabalu

The plan to scale Mt Kinabalu was hatched when I failed to complete the gruelling TMBT last year. If I cannot conquer the grand old dame through a trail race,…