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August 28, 2015

Craze Ultra Fam Run 3

I joined the Craze Ultra Familiarisation Run 1 a few weeks ago. That run took us from MacRitchie Reservoir to Admiralty MRT station covering a total distance of 26 km.…

August 17, 2015

Trail Running Singapore Trail Run Series No 2

The second run in the current series for Trail Running Singapore. This time round, with the promise of a beautiful new trail, about 40 runners turned up on a bright…

July 21, 2015

Hot Hot Run – Craze Ultra Familiarisation Run 1

There is Craze Ultra race coming up in September  with the longest distance at 100 miles. And yes there is no mistake here, It is 100 miles or 160 km…

July 19, 2015

Trail Running Singapore Trail Run Series No 1

Trail Running Singapore launched its first lead up run for the upcoming Singapore TNF 100.  This is the first of 3 trail runs to introduce the Singapore trails or whatever…

June 30, 2015

Never Stop Exploring – Kent Ridge Nature Trail

Got a bit hot and tired while doing my usual hill route from Mt Faber to Kent Ridge and decided to “take shelter” in the Nature trail at Kent Ridge…

June 5, 2015

Bukit Batok Nature Park

Heard that the park is a small place but also heard that there are a lot of Laughing Thrush there so decided to make a trip there to look see look…