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November 15, 2017

Food @ Annapurna Circuit Trek

I am not a big fan of Indian food so I was initially apprehensive about the type of food I will be getting in Nepal. So to be sure that…

May 9, 2017

Cheap and Good – Taste Affair at Amoy

A few months ago, a new stall opened on the 2nd floor of the Amoy Food Centre.It was next to Han Kee Fish Soup and the stall front was permanently…

October 8, 2016

Cheap and Good – With a Pinch of Salt

Now one of the jokes among ourselves is that every time we visit a nice new food outlet, it will have close down by the time we go back there…

April 26, 2016

The food @ Bedok Marketplace

Went back to Bedok Marketplace again. This time with 3 of us we were able to sample more of the food. That plus the food we took on the last…

January 15, 2016

Cheap and Good – Mdm Wong Fusion

There is this fairly new stall in Amoy Street’s Food Centre. And it sells “fusion” food. Its definition of fusion food is the usual steak, salmon and salad with something…

December 28, 2014

Pietro Ristorante Italiano

With a name like that, one will expect a restaurant helmed by an authentic Italian. But no, instead there is a home grown Chinese chef behind the kitchen and not…