Parking Idiots

Following my earlier post on the Mercedes Benz in a No Parking lot, I snapped another photo of another “big” car improperly parked in the same HDB Multi-Storey Carpark.

This time I uploaded the picture to FB and made a general comment implying that people with “big” car tends to any how park.
I was very swiftly contradicted by a friend who sent me the following photo
Okay this isn’t a “big” car but it is still in that class which I  classified as “rich man” car. Again I generalised but the impression I get is “I got money to buy expensive car so I can anyhow park. At most pay fine only what!” shitty snooty snobbish type of attitude.
And this photo reinforce my view. An “ultra big” car occupying the motorcycle lot!

Need I say more. I rest my case.

Personal Parking Lot?

This Merc seems to have found himself a nice private parking space right in a HDB multi-storey car park. The shelter seems purposed built just for it. Lucky soul.

But wait a minute, what is the red stuff on the floor just next to the left of the car?

Closer look. Its says “PARKING”.  Wow, HDB very good tell people this is for parking is it?

Double Wow, Singapore Cricket Club member somemore. Wonder what’s it doing in a humble HDB carpark?