Pulau Ubin Night Walk

Went for a guided night hike at Pulau Ubin organised as part of the Pesta Ubin 2017 activities. The walk was conducted by the famous Subaraj Rajathurai, of Strix Wildlife Consultancy. Here he is briefing the group on the type of bats that can be seen on Pulau Ubin. 

It amazing that he can identify the bats flying up and down. And he does a good bird mimic too! But because the group is too big, we split into 2 groups and we followed his son who was just as knowledgeable.

And before long, he spotted the first snake for the night. A Common Bronzeback Snake high up in the tree. It simply amazing how they can spot something so small and indistinguishable in the dark. Can you see it in cropped photo? 

We spotted a lot of Four lined frogs including a mating pair.

Also a few Asian Toad

And apparently a rare Chorus frog which got our 2 guides all excited. 

And of course there were geckos and insect and this weird looking Hammerhead Flat Worm.

And also a moth

And a Huntsmen Spider

And after 2 hours of walking, we ended the night with another snake sighting. In fact 2 of them – both Oriental Whip Snake.

Oriental Whip Snake

Moth at Fraser’s Hill

Spotting birds at Fraser’s Hill might have been the main objective and seeing beautiful butterflies was a bonus, but the other thing that I was looking forward to was moth. From my memory of my last trip to Kota Kinabalu, I knew there was going to be moths aplenty here. And unlike the butterfly, I hit pay dirt from the word go!

When we reached Fraser on Friday morning, it was raining and we waited at the lodge’s lobby for the rain to stop and not only was it pouring rain, it was also pouring moths. The very first moth was this beauty on one of the wall. 

Its wing is damaged and it was found dead on the floor the next day.

Most people prefer butterfly to moth. The first impression of moth is that moth are dark, ugly flurry creatures that fly in the dark like the above moth and this next one that was also in the lodge’s lobby.

But this next one will soon dispel that notion. 

A very beautiful green moth. It even has a line of red trimmings all round its wing! Certainly this one does not fit the usual image of moth right? And also to most people, beside being dark, ugly and flurry, moth are also big and scary. Like this dead one that we spotted on the road.

While at the abandoned Jelai Resort, I got this funny shape moth. Kinda like some sort of bat mask.

 I continued looking for moth after dinner and found 2 new one in the lobby and restaurant. This leaf shape moth on the ceiling.

And this one that looks like some type of alien bug.

Outside the lodge, I spotted this White beauty on one of the shrub.

Next morning, the moths from the previous days were either dead on the floor or gone so it was only later in the evening that I managed to get some. And this lot is definitely not your usual moth.

This beautiful iridescent moth that looks like dull brown until the flash lit it up to reveal the beautiful pattern and color 

This beautiful red and white striped moth that is no bigger than a finger nail

And this one that looks like a lice or a white bed bug and is half the size of my pinkie nail.

And of course the usual brownish moth of which there were 4 different species on the walls

Because this is a birding trip, I didn’t come prepared to take photos of butterfly and moths and these photos were either shot with a 200 mm zoom lens, or the phone camera or a mirrorless camera without flash. Photo quality that up to par but I will settle for what birders call Record shot and that I have 15 of them in one trip. 

Moths in Kota Kinabalu

We went for lunch at this place at Bundu Tuhan. Apart from our group, there was no other customer. But there were a lot and seriously a lot of moth. None of those gigantic moth that we are seeing now in Singapore but small one, medium size one, plain one and colorful one and one odd shape one. Too bad I only had a compact camera with me and with the poor lighting indoor these was the best that I could manage.

This was on a door frame. It would have blend well if it was on a tree trunk

One of the smaller one but so beautiful

The biggest moth that we seen

Another one on a door frame. What with moth and door frame?

This small one looks like ready to take off soon.

The odd shaped moth. Very difficult to get it fully in focus with the compact camera

Another beauty

And this one is the brightest looking of the lot

I love the pattern on this one

This one looks like the same species as the first one but is more white

Can anybody name all the moths?

Lyssa Zampa Tropical Swallowtail Moth

There have been a lot of sighting of the giant moth, the Tropical Swallowtail moth in Singapore. Social media have been awash with photos of them except me. until now…
Since the mass outbreak of the moths, I have seen them five times. One dead in front of my office, 2 high up on the wall at the Tanjong Pagar MRT station and 2 flying around at the void decks around my place. But no photos so far as they were all dead or out of reach of my camera phone.
Until today. On my way to lunch saw this moth on the glass wall of the building next to my office building. On the way home, it was still there and at eye level too! So I got a nice shot with the camera phone.

Too bad I cannot go into the bank and take the photo from the other side of the glass wall. That will be a first – the underside of the moth.

Giant Moth

Was out for lunch one weekday and saw this critter on the wall. It was about the size of a palm. Fairly big.  Don’t know what species of moth this is.
There is a grandmother’s tale that if somebody has recently passed away in the household and one of this giant moth appears in the house, it is the spirit of the deceased visiting the house and should not be killed. 

Nowadays, it quite rare to see this type of moth. In the past, we can see it every now and then in void decks and even in the house. Does it mean there are less people dying nowadays or the moth are dying faster than human are dying?
Anyway, these are beautiful creatures and I hope to see more of them around, spirit or no spirit.