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July 14, 2017

Sungei Tampines

Sungei Tampines used to be a bare concrete canal or storm rain as the authorities called it. This was how it looked like in 2012. Then the Public Utilities Board’s…

January 20, 2017

Those Irresponsible Birders

Since I started doing bird and insect photographs, one of my pet peeves is the irresponsible photographers who are not nature or bird lover but are only interested in taking…

December 10, 2016

Illegal Fishing at Sungei Tampines

This morning while out running at Pasir Ris Park, observed a man kayaking on Sungei Tampines. Noticed he stopped his kayak somewhere on the left bank near the river mouth…

October 30, 2016

Getting Slower

I used to be able to run a sub 6 minutes pace fairly easily. Now I struggle to even do a sub 6.30 pace. I console myself with all sort…

August 24, 2016

Clearing the Trays

Singapore has this perpetual problem of getting people to return their food plates and trays to a central collection point unlike say in Japan and South Korea where it is…

February 25, 2016

Those HDB Void Deck Railings

There is this mini hullabaloo over some railings at some void decks in Queenstown. Unhappy residents are complaining that the railings serve no purposes and took up valuable space in…