February 12, 2018

The Sea Grill @ Changi

Singaporean loves to eat and especially seafood. But the seafood we eat are mainly cooked the Chinese way – like Chilli Crab… There are few seafood grill like what one get in western countries. The few “ang mo” seafood outlet we have – like Manhattan, Fish Co specialized more in fried seafood than grilled. And of course there are the expensive one in the hotels and malls serving steaks and seafood. But surprisingly none at the beaches. Until now.

The Sea Grill at Changi Beach is possibly the closest we get to like those restaurant at Jimbaran Beach, Bali or in Phuket, Thailand. Situated just next to the sandy beach, there is an indoor dining area and an outdoor area. One can eat and gaze at the stars and the blinking lights from the ship afar. That is about the closest and most romantic setting one can get in Singapore whilst eating seafood. Unlike the permanently crowded seafood restaurants at East Coast Park.

And best of all, the price is pretty decent. This is the set for 2 which cost $38.00 and the others with an average price of $20.00.

And being typical Singapore’s establishment with kiasu mentality, it also have steak and pasta and some other stuff. We had the seafood combo, a steak, a salad, a pasta and a soup and were stuffed pretty soon.

Which was just too bad because the online review for their dessert was pretty awesome. Oh well, excuse to go back again.

Value for money, beautiful setting – perfect place for a romantic dinner. And parking at the nearby carparks is free after 5 pm which is just fine since who eats seafood earlier than that?

NB: This is not a paid or solicited article. We paid for the meal ourselves.

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