February 4, 2018

Pasir Ris Food Centre

Pasir Ris finally got its own food centre. Supposed to open in November 2017, it finally opens its door this month – almost 2 months behind schedule. And while the residents were awaiting with eager stomach for it to open, when it finally did – I think I can safely said it was a big disappointment.

Despite being a whole dedicated 4 storey building, only 1/3 of the buildings or 2 half floors are dedicated to the food stall. Half the building is taken up by a huge car ramp that stretch all the way up from the ground floor to the top floor. And the top 2 floors are car park spaces leaving only half of each floor for the food stalls and seats. What a waste of space! With the food centre catering mainly to residents, and with ample parking available at the nearby HDB blocks, the parks and the mall, there simply is no reasons for so many car park spaces? 

The lower level is occupied by stalls selling typical local food with each stall selling unique items so there is no stalls selling similar fare. Which is good for the hawker but not for the customers since there is less option. And the queues are long at each stall.

The upper level is occupied by what HDB called Fareground. Stalls selling more atas food which include several stalls selling exotic burgers, a stall selling ice cream, some stalls selling pizza, Korean, Thai and fusion food. Prices on this level are generally higher.

On both occasions that I dropped by, the place was packed. The walkway is too spacious with too few tables. So not enough seats and worse of all, despite prominent signs and periodic announcements for diners to clear their own trays, nobody seems to be doing it. And all the limited tables are left stacked with dirty plates and bowls. .

And these despite the tray return station being situated right in the middle of the small dining area

This is something seriously I don’t understand about Singaporean. We are probably one of the most highly educated people in the world but when it comes to being civic mindedness, we are totally lacking in it. Just like the dumping of the rental bike and clearing our own trays. Despite campaigns and even incentives and other scheme, nothing seems to be working. We would rather complain about dirty tables and no cleaners than taking action into our own hands. If everyone just do their little bit to return our own trays, the tables will be left clean for the next diners and this could be us the next round! So why are we not doing it? What does it take for our freaking people to do it?

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