January 17, 2018

Rental Bike Cyclist the Scourge of the World

I used to think that smokers were the most socially irresponsible and environmentally unfriendly people in the world. Not anymore. Their place has been taken over by the cyclists or more specifically, the rental bike cyclists.

Rental bikes are now the in things all over the world and also the blight of the world judging from news report from all over the world. And Singapore is no exception. In fact there are more rental bikes now than litters if I may say so! 

The original idea for the dockless rental bike is admirable. But I think the bike rental companies probably didn’t reckon on the cyclists being so irresponsible. Beside the reported cases where people throw the bikes from some apartments, or throwing into drains or vandalising them or even selling them, people are just dumping them all over the place. And this is something very perplexing. Why are the rental bikes everywhere? And in all sort of weird places.

I mean, I assume most people will rent a bike to get from point A to point B say from the train station to home. Or for leisure cycling in a park. So why there are so many bikes left in so many weird places. Like these:

At a road junction. Why ride and then alight here? This is a neither here nor there place. What did the cyclist goes to after dismounting that he cannot continue on the bicycle?

Another bike left at a road junction.

In the middle of a park connector. Which just seem weird to me. So the cyclist dismount and ran home? Or decided to walk the rest of the way?

Next to a trash bin. Why here? Why not at say the foot of the nearby flat or the nearby mall? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. And the other thing beside the indiscriminate dumping is the manner in which these cyclists park the bicycle. I have seen bikes right in the middle of a pavement; right outside the lift door; in front of letterbox and coiled around lamp post like these 3 bicycles

Or chained to every railings that is availableAnd occupying shelter walkway meant for pedestrianSeriously I don’t know what goes on in the mind of these cyclists. I am sure they are very nice people if they are not riding but once they get on one, maybe something in the bike send a signal to their brain and they become the scourge of society.

Right now, the number of bikes littering the places is atrocious and the problem is worsen because the bike companies don’t seem to care at all about retrieving the bikes especially those damaged one so much so that one chap who cannot tahan the mess have taken upon it himself to clear them. 

Me think the authorities should really cracked down on the errant cyclists and also compel the bike companies to be more pro-active in retrieving the bicycles. Otherwise one of these days we will end up with one giant heap of rotting bicycles like this one in China.

Photo from http://mashable.com

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