Light to Night Festival 2018

Heard about this from a friend via Facebook. That show how pervasive is Facebook rather than main stream media. Went down to take a look and try out the new Sparks remote shutter release. Didn’t manage to get the IR part to work and silly me didn’t turn on the Bluetooth so couldn’t control it from the phone either. In the end, used it to good old fashion way via the cable. Still quite happy with the outcome considering that it was cloudy with a slight drizzle.

As far as I can see, only 3 buildings in the Civic district were lighted up with moving lights and design. There were other light installations but I didn’t have time to explore those as I spent too much time at the Marina Bay trying to get a good shot of the carnival and which I failed miserably.

These photos are of the Asian Civilisation Museum.

Next to it, the Victoria Concert Hall. Got lazy to move back a bit and didn’t take a fuller picture of it.

Last but not least the former Supreme Court and now the Singapore National Gallery. The most impressive of all.

Unfortunately the same problem with the longish part of it. Too lazy to move further back and the building got cut off not to say kinda distorted. The rapid moving light display didn’t help too.


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