January 11, 2018

Jurong Bird Park

Been some time since I been back to Jurong Bird Park. Equipped with a new camera and a new lens, went to the Walk In Aviary and the Wings of Asia Exhibit to try out the gears and get in some practice.

Caribbean Flamingo
Black Crown Night Heron
Some sort of Black Pelican?
The more common Pelican
Blue Eyed Cockatoo
Golden Concure
Black headed Caique
Yellow shouldered Amazon
Masked Lapwing
Bearded Barbet
Golden Weaver
Bali Mynah
Lineated Barbet

Even though I don’t really like seeing the birds in the caged enclosures, I still enjoy going there to look at the birds that are able to fly more freely. After all, where else can I, with my poor eyesight, get to see so many diverse species in one place!

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