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January 23, 2018

686 Seafood @ Amoy

There was once when there were fear that our hawkers were dying out and no new young people wants to be a hawker. But it seems the fear is unfounded with many young people starting their own stall.

The latest to join the fray at Amoy is 686 Seafood – specialising in seafood laksa meaning it sells only laksa. The first time I saw the stall I gave a double take. It was selling laksa at $20 a bowl! In a food centre no less! and I wonder how long it is gonna last. Already some young turks that have set up stalls in Amoy and Maxwell have bitten the dust obviously a lack of experience and the inability to understand the lunch time crowd.

Anyway back to 686 Seafood. It sells laksa starting from $8.00 a bowl and goes all the way up to $20.00. The $12 version comes with jumbo prawn and the $16 bowl comes with crayfish. The $20 is a combo. Cheapskate me have only the $8.00. Expensive for hawker centre food but it comes with very superior ingredients. Like my $8.00 bowl of laksa comes with 3 big prawns, 1 scallop, some slices of sotong and many many clams.

Apart from these, it also has a $4 bowl with comes with cockles and a $5 bowl which comes with shredded chicken. I didn’t order that but just wondering… did it comes with the usual laksa condiments like egg, tau pok etc? My $8.00 bowl certainly don’t have.

Anyway, more importantly then the ingredients. How the taste? The broth is not the Katong laksa style that is light and thin. This one is thick almost like curry but taste good. Almost like the Depot Road laksa. Thick and spicy. Just the way I like it.

Seriously worth a try what with all the high end ingredients but at these type of crazy prizes, many people will blanched at forking out so much for daily lunch so I guess their customers will be fairly limited. Hopefully it can tahan and stays open permanently.


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