December 25, 2017

Wildlife in our Heartland – Choa Chu Kang

One of the symbol of Christmas is the White Dove. We don’t have a white dove here in Singapore but recently a flock of Pied Imperial Pigeon have chosen to make a small corner of Singapore their home for the holiday season.

It seems that every evening a large flock of this Pied Imperial Pigeon will fly to a particular tree in Choa Chu Kang housing estate to roost for the night. While there on Saturday evening, I counted at least more than 20 of them flying in from the Tengah area. Perhaps they have been displaced by the redevelopment there?

Anyway it is good that wildlife has been able to adapt and survive in built up Singapore. Hopefully other than birds and otters, we will be able to see more native animals like the mousedeer and Sambar Deer thriving and being common sights all over Singapore.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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