December 11, 2017

Recent Birding

Over the course of the past few weeks after coming back from Nepal, have done some birdings at various places and pleasantly happy to get some not so common birds. Not as many as some of the other birders who went all round Singapore chasing sightings but I was contended to just go to the usual places.

At Sungei Buloh, didn’t managed to get many but was lucky to have a White Bellied Sea Eagle and a Brown Shrike. Closer to home, at the Sungei Tampines, saw this Little Heron drying itself:

And further down the road at the Pasir Ris Town Park, was this White Bellied Sea Eagle perched on a low branch!

Further up at the Wooden Bridge across Sungei Tampines, joined the crowd of photographers shooting at this Stork Billed kingfisher.

And further into the Mangrove Swamp, M managed to spot a Laced Woodpecker.

And at the pond next to the vegetables farm, there was a not so common Common Kingfisher!

And the last for the month of November was this little Yellow Bittern standing patiently in the open

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