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December 6, 2017

Never Stop Exploring – Annapurna Circuit Trek Day 10

We woke up at 4 am to move off to the highest point in our adventure – the Thorung La Pass! After breakfast we moved off at 5 am. It was still dark and we had to rely on headlamps and torches for the first part of the climb.

If it wasn’t so damn cold, we would all have stayed to enjoy the view as the sky starts to brighten slowly.

But we had no time for that as there were many other trekkers going up on the narrow path and we had to push on before the strong wind set in. And bit by bit it got brighter although not easier..And we press on and on. Some of the us were laboring under the double whammy of the cold and altitude and we were moving very slowly. And I think we actually envied those who decided not to tackle the wall and rode horses up! But we push on and finally!Yes we made it! The highest point of our trek at 5,416 metres and I dare say, the highest that I will ever possibly climb to. By now the wind was howling and after a cup of tea in the teahouse shack at the summit, we made our way down to Muktinath. 

Of course it being downhill, it was a much easier walk and we picked up some pace although we still stop often enough to take photo and of course to pee although it was kinda tough for the ladies considering the open ground.

This is the last suspension bridge that we were be crossing and of course we had to stop to take a group photo.

And finally we reached Muktinath!We had started at 5 am and it was barely 3 pm. We had descended 1,600 metres in slightly over 4 hours and covering from the time we set off from High Camp to here a distance of almost 18 km proving again that going down hill is always much easier!

This is Muktinath a little town that is actually like a big religious place with a temple and many shrines.

Because it was still early, we toured the temple and its surrounding before checking into our hotel Although we still have one more day to go, our guide told us that the trek is considered over and so we assumed that the next day will be an easy day but little did we know………….



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