December 19, 2017

Kranji Marshes Revisited

Since the last visit in May this year with volunteer guides from Nature Society Singapore, I have not been back to Kranji Marshes so I was looking forward to this second guided walk. Again, my hope was just to have a glimpse of the Purple Moorhen, and maybe a closer look at the Black Cap Kingfisher and the Lapwings.

Immediately after we alight from the bus at Turut Track, we saw 2 dollar birds up on the power line of the BBC Transmission Station. But what got all of us excited was not the dollar birds but this Black Winged Kite! 

Black winged Kite

Unfortunately, it was so high up on the wire and it was mostly facing away from us that I can get a really decent shot. But for a lifer and a record shot, I think this photo is great. What a great start to the walk!

We saw a Purple Heron subsequently. But it was silhouette against the light so to date I still don’t have a proper photo of the Purple Heron.

Purple Heron

Further in, we saw a Blue Tailed Bee-Eater on a solitary branch right out in the open. How lucky!

Blue-Tailed Bee-Eater

It flew off when a Spotted Dove landed on the same branch.

Spotted Dove

The next bird we spotted was actually not within the marshland itself but in the open field next to it. We were separated by a chain-wired fence but some eager eye spotted a yellow bird on the ground. Turn out to be a Grey Wagtail although initially I thought it was a Yellow Wagtail.

Grey Wagtail

Just a few feet away from the Wagtail was 2 birds which got the guide very exciting. Wood Sandpiper which apparently is quite uncommon. Unfortunately they were too far away and on too low ground for a clear shot

Wood Sandpiper

We saw a few raptors including a Oriental Honey Buzzard and a Brahminy Kite flying around. That was probably why there were many photographers on the watch tower. I managed a shot of the Brahminy Kite

Brahminy Kite

We saw and heard many other birds including the Black Cap Kingfisher which was on a railing. But it was so far away that it is a wonder the guides can spot it. There were also the usual sunbird, pink neck green pigeon and crow.The guide also saw the Lapwing but try as I could, I couldn’t spot them.

Compared to the last trip, there were less species spotted but it was still a rather fruitful morning spent wandering through the only remaining marshland on mainland Singapore.



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