Butterfly @ Nepal

Apart from birds, the other creatures I was hoping to see was butterfly. Fortunately, although I had not much luck with birds apart from the Snowcock, I had better luck with butterfly. Right from the word go, there were butterfly. Not a lot but enough to satisfy me because almost there were many lifers!

First butterfly was when we were still travelling in the van and had stopped for lunch. After lunch and walking around, saw this flying around. I only got 2 shots but it was good enough.

Common Nawab

In the carpark of the makan place, got another one flying around. Couldn’t get it the best few time but luckily another tourist pointed out where it flew to and bingo. 

Oriental Common Leopard

Singapore has this but this is my first photo of it though. 

The next day was when the floodgate open. So many different butterflies along the trails that I often lagged behind the others as I stopped to take photos. For this reasons, much as I like to take better angled photo or chase after them for a better shot, I had to just shoot off a burst and then hope for the best as I chase after my mates. But still I am pretty happy with the results. These are 3 of the more interesting butterfly



Pale Jezebel


Red Helen

This has got to be the star butterfly of the whole trip. A very beautiful Popinjay and which I believe is not found in Singapore


There could have been more but a bad stomach after lunch forced me to gave up shooting to concentrate on keeping up with the team.

I was fairly optimistic I can hit a count of at least 10 different species by the end of the 3rd day but somehow there were no more. I wasn’t really disappointed though. 9 was still a good haul. Then on the 7th day, I managed to spot some new butterfly. 

This Dark Clouded Yellow is the most frequently seen butterfly on the circuit and e

Himalayan Dark Clouded Yellow

Qeen Fritillary

Indian Red Admiral

So final count of 12 or so I thought. On the last day while going down, came across this Yellow. Common back here in Singapore but still a good way to end the butterfly hunt.

Glass Yellow

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