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November 24, 2017

Never Stop Exploring – Annapurna Circuit Trek Day 7

Day 7 – When I first decided to follow my friends on this trip, I didn’t know where and what is Tilicho Lake. Our original trek did not include Tilicho Lake and when someone suggested to go there, everyone including me just agreed without knowing what exactly we were getting into. In fact, for me I just followed the crowd and didn’t even bother to find out anything about the trek at all. So on the morning of Day 7 of our Annapurna Circuit, I found myself together with the rest setting out to view the highest lake in the world.

This was the view that we saw when we set off from Tilicho Base Camp. Isn’t it awesome!

It started off easy enough through a wide open valley and several mountain pass.

And then we had to go through another rock fall landslide area.

And as we continued to climb, it became more and more difficult for us to walk. First was the altitude which makes it very tough for us to walk fast. And then there was the wind. Strong gushes of wind that blind us with the sand that it wipe up into our face threatening to send the lighter one down the side. But we had to press on. Step by step, we grind our way up slowly until we came to this.

3 small little lake. Was this Tilicho Lake? Did we got conned and came all the way for this? It can’t be and indeed it was not. After struggling up some more 

We finally came to THE LAKE! No words and no photo can describe the incredible scene of this large beautiful lake sitting so peacefully in the middle of the mountain.

The Tilicho Lake at 4km long and 2.5km wide is the biggest lake in the world at the altitude of 4920 m. Unfortunately with the strong cold wind howling at us, we had no time to enjoy the beautiful scene before us and had to head back down after a hot tea and the customary group photo.

Going down was of course much easier and now we can see how beautiful the mountain is as we go back downward to Tilicho Base Camp.

So after 6 hours and 12 km hike, we made it back to the base camp to await another day of new adventure – the Thorung La Pass……

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