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November 21, 2017

Never Stop Exploring – Annapurna Circuit Trek Day 6

Day 6 is the first main highlight of the trip. This is the day where we will go to Tilicho Base Camp, the first stage to Tilicho Lake, the highest lake in the world.

The trek today see us climbing and climbing. This is the first real challenge for us as we make our ascend to the Tilicho Base Camp which was 4,150 m above sea level. While there was awesome scenery as usual along the way like this rock face  

and this

the main portion of this trail was the walk along what they called the “landslide area”, a ridge walk on a very exposed cliff face where rocks could just come raining down any time.

This is the cliff face looking upward

And this is looking downward

And looking behind

And looking in front.

I seriously don’t want to go sliding down these rock face and thank goodness nobody did. 

The entire journey from Khangsar to Tilicho Base Camp was only about 6 km but we took almost 6 hours! Of course that include the lunch and tea breaks which was like 2 – 3 hours long but still it was a tough day. And we had more to come the next day…..

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