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November 12, 2017

Never Stop Exploring – Annapurna Circuit Trek Day 4

Day 4 and we are supposed to travel to Manang from Upper Pisang. There are 2 ways to reach – one via the upper trail and another via the lower trail. Obviously the upper trail is more challenging where we have to climb even higher before descending. But it is suppose to be more scenic.  Our guide gave us a choice – upper or lower trail. In the end half choose the upper trail and the rest the lower. Me, of course choose the easier option.

We descended from Upper Pisang down to Lower Pisang before continuing our journey on an wide open track. 

It was the same route throughout. One of the easiest in my opinion.  Not much elevation gain. The scenery along the way was great though. with mountains along the side and occasionally river flowing down through the mountain.

For the first time in this trip, there was no crossing of any river via any suspension bridge. There was only this little crossing over what I think to the local is probably a stream.

And after 7 hours of walking over 18 km and a 200 metre ascend, we finally reached Manang.

Manang is one of the biggest town along the route with many shops selling hiking and climbing gear and best of all, many bakeries selling the bestest freshly baked bread!


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