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November 26, 2017

Birding at Nepal

Nowadays when I am travelling I always keep my eyes open for birds, butterfly and moths.  For Nepal, I was hoping to see some exotic birds. I did my research and knew that up in the mountains there were vultures and eagles.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, there wasn’t that many birds spotted on the trek. Maybe I was too tired to look hard. There were of course the common birds like the crow and sparrow. But common or not, I still took some of their photos including photo of what I thought was a crow. It was however only when I came back and look through the photos that I realised it was not a crow but some other bird with a yellow bill. Too big to be a myna and too high up in the mountain. Did some online search and discovered this is a Alpine Chough. That is still a species of crow but at least it is not the usual House Crow or Thick Billed Crow.

There were some raptor flying here and there and I managed to get a half decent photo of this one soaring overhead.

Can’t id it. Could be a Black Kite or hopefully a Steppe Eagle?

But up on the 2nd highest point of the trek, I hit paydirt! At Thorong La Pass High Camp, after a very exhausting climb, instead of resting, when the guide suggested we take a walk up to the highest point there, a few of us went. And lo and behold, a flock of this bird came. At first I thought it was some geese. They made similar sound. But a bird is a bird and so I took a few snaps while trying to crawl up the little knoll in the freezing cold and fading light. And thankfully I got an decent shot out of the lot of snaps. A Tibetan Snowcock! 

Of course I didn’t know what bird it was then and with no internet connection, I had to wait until when we were at the Pokhara Airport when I chanced upon a bird guide book in one of the shop. Bingo! A rare lifer for me.

Ironically where there were no birds up in the mountain, there were more birds at Pokhara. Somewhere out in the streets, spotted a tree with many egrets on it. This is one of them. A Intermediate Egret.

And over at Lake Phewa, I got another Egret. This time a Little Egret.

And over in Kathmandu at the Swayambhunath Monkey Temple, immediately after we entered the place, we got this beauty,

It was still there half an hour later when we left. And up in the sky there were many of them soaring magnificently over the area.

Not a lot of birds but at least there was some interesting sightings so it wasn’t that bad. Consolation is – I got lot of butterfly but that is a story for another time.

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