October 13, 2017

Australia Diaries – Never Stop Exploring – Blue Mountains From Echo Point to Scenic World

Our first full day at the Blue Mountains and we decided to hike from Echo Point where we were staying to Scenic World.

We had ran part of the distance the previous evening, up to Katoomba Cascade and this time we continued onward to Scenic World using the Prince Henry Coastal Walk. There are many lookouts along the way and we stopped often to look out into the Jamison Valley and of course to look for birds.

There were also some steep stair climbing at the aptly named Furber Steps and the Giant Staircase.

We also got to walk practically on the cliff edge for quite a fair bit of the way

It wasn’t as far as we expected though. At Scenic World, we didn’t ride the cable car or the railway but walked around the trails looking at the display of the old coal mines and taking more photos before we made our way back to Echo Point.

The highlight of this trek I guess was the Katoomba Falls and the Katoomba Cascade. 

In the afternoon, we went to Wentworth Fall. Again it was a fairly easy walk except some sections where we had to walk under great overhangs which look like threatening to collapse anytime. 

Anyway our objective was the Wentworth falls. Sadly it wasn’t as spectacular as we expected probably due to the dry season.

But of course the great view of the valley and the mountains beyond made up for it.

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