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October 21, 2017

Australia Diaries – Bondi Beach Coastal Walk

Of course when we are in Sydney we have to go to the world famous Bondi Beach. Heard so much about it but it was a bit of a disappointment when I first set eyes on it. It wasn’t that big and it was just one big piece of sand with nary any trees. The waves was of course the star attraction for the locals who flock there to surf.

We had brunch at one of the many cafes dotting the beach (Singapore should have something like that at East Coast Park) and then proceeded to do the Bondi Beach Coastal Walk – a walk of about 7 km till Coogee Beach. Read on the web that there is a possibility of spotting migrating whale but sadly didn’t see any although we did get to see a beautiful Kestrel pretty close up.

Our walk took us through some amazing sandscape and buildings and covered many other beaches along the way:

This place at Bronte Beach where they actually have a pool next to the waves.

And more beautiful beaches

And waves against the rocks

Rounding each corner we see more of such bays. Look so beautiful yet I can imagine pretty dangerous to swim in although that didn’t seem to deter some surfing enthusiasts

Closer towards Coogee we had to walk through a cemetery. The coastal walk was closed for repairs and we walked through the Waverly Cemetery instead. First time in my life walking through such a big cemetery and marvelling at how well maintained they were despite the damages wrought by the last big storm in 2016.

Finally after almost 5 hours of walking, we reached Coogee Beach. There was a memorial there dedicated to the victims of the 2003 Bali bombing. Apparently a number of the Australian victims came from around the area here.


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