Australia Diaries – Birding in the Blue Mountain

Naturally where there is trees and forest, there are birds and naturally I was excited that I could see some more interesting birds other than the common Australian birds. But then again, because there are trees which comes with thick foliage, spotting the birds prove more difficult than expected. And my Sigma 18 – 300 6.3 failed big time under the trees! But still we or rather M with her P900 did get some of what I think are the not so common garden birds.

First thing we noticed was the abundance of the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. They were everywhere and flying in waves over the Blue Mountain Valley. 

Sadly though, we didn’t manage to shoot the other type of parrots. Did saw some black cockatoos flying by but my 300 mm could only shoot this.

At the Katoomba Fall Creeks, we did see many small little birds. Not exactly sure what they are. It was quite dark there and we didn’t get a good shot of the active birds hopping from one rock to another. Some sort of Wren? 

The star catch of the first full day out at the Blue Mountain was this Lyrebird. First saw it in the forest near to Scenic World but couldn’t get a good shot as it was in the undergrowth and too dark. Then at Katoomba picnic area, right out in the open, we saw one. It was behind some construction hoarding but we managed to get off a burst before it disappeared into the bushes. Not very good shot though but still a record shot of this interesting bird.

As usual, plenty of Laughing Kookaburra, magpie and honeyeater

Also saw some ducks near one of the open ground while we were on way back to Echo Point.

The next day from Echo Point to Leura Cascade, we got a few more interesting birds including the common Crimson Rosella. Quite a number of them too.

Crimson Rosella

And M got this Red Wattlebird.

And she also got this little birdie. ID by folks at the Birds of Australia FB page as an Eastern Spinebill Honeyeater

And last but not least, a Satin Bowerbird if M’s identification is correct although I think it could be a raven

That about the more interesting birds in the Blue Mountains. Next birding in Sydney and Bondi.

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