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October 25, 2017

Australia Diaries – Birding in Sydney

During the traipse round the Sydney waterfront area, I was hoping to see a lot of water birds. On that score we didn’t see a lot. We were hopeful that we could see a pelican but no luck. Of course there were lot and lot of seagull, Common Myna and sparrow but still there were some interesting sightings.

On our first day while crossing Darling Harbour, near to the Maritime Museum, we came across 4 Rainbow Lorikeet on a pillar! How cool is that! Strolling around, we saw a Little Black Cormorant and on our final walk there from the Rocks to Circular Quay, we saw a Darter and a Pied Cormorant. That was about all we managed to see in the Sydney city area. Not great but still pretty good haul considering that this is the city with nary any trees.

But at Bondi Beach coastal walk, we hit it big time. The day didn’t start off too promising. Other than the ubiquitous seagull, there wasn’t much other birds in sight.

But as we continued walking towards Coogee Beach, we came upon a Nakeen Krestrel perched nicely on a rock. Our view was blocked partially by a chain-linked fence but still it was so close that we could not have missed it anyway. What a beauty!
Further down, there were some black birds on the beach rocks. At first I thought they were raven or mynas but after checking the Australia Bird app, realized that these are Common Starlng although in my opinion, they are not so common where I come from.

We also came upon some Honeyeater. Not the more common one but this beautiful striped New Holland Honeyeater.

Then we got another beauty a Fairy Wren if I am not wrong.

Last but not least, this brown bird spotted by M. Look like a Finch to me but I may be wrong.

That wrap up the unofficial Australia Birding trip. It has been fun trying to spot and take photos of the various birds. Especially challenging was trying to spot the smaller birds in the tree canopy or in the forest. M with her sharper eyesight and Nikon P900 managed to take most of the bird photos while I was happy to play support with my D7000 and the Sigma 18-300 travel lens. It has been interesting and I look forward to our next unofficial birding trip to Nepal for more birds!

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