October 6, 2017

Amoy Food Taste – Salad

When it comes to eating healthy, nothing beat the business district area. Everywhere one goes, there are multiple a salad outlet, Poke stores and now the latest in thing – salad bar masquerading as Health Food. Prices range from $5.00 to a whooping $15.00 for what is essentially some meat (they call them Protein); a little bit of carbohydrates (its always carbs) and a lot of vegetables. For those who don’t mind paying the high prices, there are places like Simply Wrapps, A Poke Therapy; Daily Cut, Grain Traders etc. Interestingly though, the more you have to fork out at the atas place, the smaller portion you get. So for those with smaller pockets and big appetite, there is always the food centre and over at Amoy Food Centre, there are 3 great options. Used to be 4 though but one of them closed down for some unknown reason.

Salad Corner
Arguably the most famous of the 3 with its presence on social media and other outlets at malls. The base set is $4.90 that comes with 5 toppings. Premium toppings range from $1.00 to $2.00. Service is so so. Items are placed in a plastic container be it dine in or take away. Sauces of one choice (and they have at least 13 options) are poured over the final contents and that’s it. Taste wise? Hey, it mainly vegs so what taste?

B Salad Kitchen
A sister stall to the more popular Chef B Pasta (both stalls are next to each other), this stall has been slowly growing in popularity. Each salad is $4.90 and comes with 6 toppings. Different combo are available at very reasonable price. The smallest range of sauces though. Service here is slightly better as the staff here are younger and can banter with customers. Like all the other stalls, the salad are sold in plastic containers and only plastic cutlery are used.

Mr Salad
The stall with a smile. This one got my vote for the most friendly service. Price at $4.90 with 5 toppings like the rest. Guess they do keep an eye out on the competition. Premium topping ranges between $1.00 – $2.00 and the choice of sauces are like the other – overwhelming until you don’t know what to choose. Whatever happened to plain old Thousand Island or French Dressing?

1) Service. The 2 times I went to Mr Salad, I got served by a man. Smiling and very helpful even though I spent what I think is an unreasonably long time agonising over the toppings and the sauces. Because I am a regular customer at Chef B, the only time I went to B Salad Kitchen, the staff there was super friendly. Maybe because the boss is just next door? The service at the Salad Corner was the most basic. Just the pick what you want, pack and go. Efficient so cannot be faulted but no personal touch.

2) Price. All the same. But Chef B has got 6 toppings and the portion is bigger. They also got various options like basic + 5 + 1 main for $5.30. So Chef B gets my vote for value for money.

3) Variety & Quality. Sama sama. All 3 stalls used only lettuce as base although Chef B has some other vegetables as well. The topping including the premium options varies but there is something to satisfy every one craving so no complain either and as long as it not canned, it fresh. And because turnover is pretty good at all 3 stalls with some toppings sold out by the time I eat at around 2 pm, I can only surmised that other customers have no issue with the quality as well.

5) Taste. What taste? Vegetables and greens have no taste at least to me. The only taste comes from the fruits and that is something they can’t control. So we are down to the sauces. Did they prepare it on their own or buy off the shelf? With so many options to try but since I usually only stick to balsamic vinaigrette or honey mustard I really don’t know how different the taste varies from the different stalls.

Final Score: All the 3 stalls are practically identical in terms of prices and variety of options and sauces offered. And since these are salads, there is nothing much to compare taste wise. Portion wise, all are also about the same so at the end of the day, I guess it all boil down to service and which one has the shortest queue so that I don’t have to wait too long. 

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