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September 26, 2017

Cheap and Good – Chef Ron

People who said our hawker food culture is dying is being proven wrong as evidenced by the number of young hawkers sprouting up in our food centre and especially at Amoy and Maxwell.

But generally most of these young hawkers tend to come up with some more interest modern food like Noodle Story and Different Taste at Amoy but over at Maxwell Chef Ron is sticking to traditional food like braised pork and chicken and his signature, Ipoh Curry Mee.

I had tried the braised chicken previously when it first opened. It was good but not fantastic. In fact I remarked to him that his fried chicken wing for the nasi lemak look so uninspiring. Well, since then he has gone on to create more items and seems to have hit it off with his Ipoh Curry Mee.

Since I have not tasted any original Ipoh curry me, I have no basis for comparison but I do like his version. It comes with char siew, roast pork and chicken. There was a hint of mint which I felt gave a nice balance to the food. And there are plenty of towgay just the way Ipoh food should be like.

Each bowl of curry mee cost only $4 but honestly the serving wasn’t that big. So to keep my stomach happy, I added on a kong bak pau and I must admit, this has got to be one of the best kong bak I ever had!

Judging from the many favourable reviews on social media and the web, their food is a hit although I didn’t see that many customers.  Blame it on the ongoing construction work for the MRT where the hoardings are keeping people away.  What a pity but good for me since there is no queue.

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