September 28, 2017

Australia Diaries – Running – South Bank Parklands

Another of the thing on the top of my list to do in a foreign country is to do a short run – to burn away the excess calories from consuming all the good food during the trip and to explore the city on foot in as short a time as possible. For Brisbane though, the schedule was so packed that we couldn’t find much time to do a decent run. In the end, because we stayed in the city near to South Bank, we decided rather than tour the area like a tourist, we will do our run there.

South Bank strike me a lot like our Singapore River not just because it is alongside the Brisbane River but there are many historical bridges over it and the ever present giant Ferris Wheel. Singapore has its Singapore Flyer and Brisbane has it Wheel of Brisbane. There are also many eateries at South Bank just like at Boat Quay and Clark Quay back in Singapore. And of course there is a dedicated space for cyclists and runners. Just like our park connector.

We started our run at Victoria Bridge on the other side of Brisbane River where the casino is. Such a pity that such a beautiful building has been converted into a casino.
Crossing the bridge, we turn left to run along the river bank passing by the Performing Arts Centre, the Wheel of Brisbane. See just like our Esplanade and Singapre Flyer. But after this, the similarities end. Next was a small garden resembling a rainforest. And then to our astonishment, further down – an artificial beach and a swimming pool! What an amazing idea!

In Singapore, the authorities are only interested in setting up commercial business but here were 2 public facilities that was free to the public! How great is that!

Soon we came to the end of that stretch of the South Bank demarcated by the Goodwill Bridge. As we started our run late and it was getting cold and dark, we decided not to proceed but to turn back this time running on the inside away from the river. Here we can see the commercial buildings and the eateries and a big playground.

Further on, interestingly is a Nepalese Temple.
We passed the Victoria Bridge and ran on. Amazingly, there were mangroves growing on the river side!
We reached a beautiful bridge, the Kuripla Bridge and used that to return to Queen Street Mall and back to our hotel.

By then, it has turned dark and we were really freezing with the strong wind and us, typical Singaporean just in a tee and shorts!

Very short run about 5 km in total but taken too long with so many photo stops of this amazing place.

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