September 30, 2017

Australia Diaries – North Stradbroke Island

Undoubtedly the highlight of the Brisbane leg of our Australia holiday and probably the best place to visit in Brisbane. North Stradbroke Island is a small little island off Brisbane which is accessible via ferry. We started our journey there by driving to the jetty where we elected to park our car there and take the passenger ferry over rather than drive over. Much cheaper and there is bus service on the island which covers the main highlight areas of the island.

We took the bus to Point Lookout, the main village. There is 2 other areas that are apparently must go but I slipped up in the homework and overlooked that and spent the whole day at Point Lookout. 

We started the day with a wonderful delicious brunch at the Blue Room. For those who wants local fresh bake, this is the go to place. Great food and coffee.

After that we took a stroll along the beach which stretch on and on one bay after another.

Naturally we had to explore some of the trails

And we were lucky to spot some birds like this Butcher Bird.

But our main objective in coming here was not for the beach and the birds but rather something much bigger – Humpback Whale. North Stradbroke Island or Straddie as the locals call the place is renowned as the best land based whale watching site in the world! So that was what we set out to do after walking the trails. There was a nice boardwalk hugging the coastline and we walked along that hoping to see the whales. But instead of whale, we saw kangaroos! Our first sighting of wild kangaroos!

And because we were so near the top of the coast line, we came across this Brahminy Kite! What a catch at suc close range! Definitely something that is impossible anywhere else.

And then M saw the first of the water creatures that we came all the way to see. A pair of Green turtles!

And before too long, we had our first whale sighting. They were rather far away so only Molly with her Nikon P900 could photograph them while we had to contend ourselves with watching through our binoculars.

And where there are whales, there are dolphins

We were so engrossed in looking for the whale and the dolphins that we didn’t have time to go to Amity Point and only much later did we discover that there was a beautiful Blue Lake as well that we missed out. Oh well, I suppose that give us reasons to come back to this beautiful place again right?

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