September 24, 2017

Australia Diaries – Never Stop Exploring – Mt Ngungun/Strawberry Farm

Another day another hike. Not contended with Lamington National Park and on the suggestion of a friend staying in Brisbane, we went to the Glass House Mountain to climb Mt Ngungun. Mt Ngungun at just 253 m is one of the many weird looking mountain there.

The hike up to the summit is via a very well maintained track with some steps carved in. Good for trail running! It is an easy hike up among thick lush vegetation until the very top where it opened up to a small bald patch of uneven rock fall.

And this comes with stunning 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

One can get very close to the edge and take nice death defying photo if desire.

Just take note not to turn that into reality!

There were many insects buzzing around which account for this bearded dragon and many skinks having a buffet.

We completed the ascend and descend in under 2 hours including almost half an hour at the summit enjoying the view and the sun. Very doable and great for a half day trip.

Bonus Trip:

Just 10 minutes away, there is the Strawberry Fields Farm. A tourist trap attraction where visitor can pick their own strawberries but a nice trap though cos the strawberries are really big and sweet.

There is a little café there that sells awesome pastries as well.

Just nice to rest the leg from the climb up Mt Ngungun and to wrap up the trip to this little corner of Brisbane.

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