September 21, 2017

Australia Diaries – Never Stop Exploring – Lamington National Park

Brisbane has a lot of national parks and reserve. And we were spoilt for choices. Finally we settle on Lamington National Park, one of the biggest in the area about 2 hours drive from Brisbane City. However, we took over 2 + hours to reach the place passing by the Gold Coast on the way! Consequently by the time we reached, it was almost noon.

We stopped at the Park Office to check out the trails and because we were left with only about 5 hours of walking time, and knowing our own propensity for taking our own sweet time for birding and taking photos, on the advice of the staff at the Park Office, we decided to just do a short hike that should take us about 3 hours max.

At the trail head, we came across this contraption – a device to sanitise our shoes! So that we don’t carry any unwanted things into the park. How about that. They think of everything. Apart from this minor excitement, the first part of the hike was among thick vegetation and with no view.

We did come across this tree which looks like a face.And can hear many birds but cannot see them.

But after some walk we got our first view at this lookout, Bellbird Lookout.

Not very impressive though. We backtracked part of the way before turning off to a new trail. Somewhere along the way, 3 other hikers appeared. Chinese. Can’t tell whether they were Taiwanese or PRC definitely not Singaporean but they were super loud in their conversation. Which is very annoying when all we want to do is enjoy nature and not hear irritating voices. To make it worse, they also decided to go the way we were heading!

Finally we came to this lookout, Koolanbilba Lookout.

Definitely more promising and we were preparing to lounge around and have our lunch here when those people caught up. Sighed……. Not willing to listen to their incessant chatter, we decided to move off and hopefully they won’t follow.

This time we took a new trail which mean we will be cutting it close to 3 hours and more likely exceeding that. But so far we haven’t seen anything really interesting or any great view. Bu at least the walk was more interesting skirting the cliff edge and with many broken cliffs creating dramatic walk points.

And then we came to this Yangahla lookout .

Oh wow! A piece of hard rock jutting out over the valley and with a panoramic view to boot! Great. We had our lunch there and took many photos.


Bonus was this little bird that stayed on this tree for us to shoot away.

Extra bonus – the Chinese trio didn’t appear and nobody else came along so we didn’t have to share the rock.

Apart from the trail we took, there are many other trails of varying difficulty suitable for hikers of different level of fitness at Lamington.

And the other thing worth nothing – the drive to and fro the place involving driving up a long curvy Binna Burra Road comes with great views.

Good to stop at the various rest stops along the way to enjoy the break and keep the driver fresh and alert!

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