September 16, 2017

Australia Diaries – Brisbane Botanic Garden & Mt Cootha

Another must visit place on my oversea visits is the Botanic Garden in that county. Brisbane has 2 main botanic garden , the City Botanic Garden which is actually within walking distance of where we were staying but we choose the Brisbane Botanic Garden because it was on our way to Mt Cootha.

The Brisbane Botanic Garden is a 56 hectare garden opened in 1976 located in Toowong, a 15 minutes drive from the city. Upon entering the place, the main attraction seems to be a big pond where we sighted a few species of water birds like the Purple Swamp Hen, Pacific Black Duck and Euraisan Coots.

Like most garden world wide, it is divided into different theme areas like the Cactus House, Japanese Garden, Rainforest, etc

But because we came after in the afternoon after our trip to Mt Cootha, we had little time to look at the plants and instead spent the time “birding”. Apart from the water birds, we saw a flock of Bush Stone Curlew, a rare bird in all of Australia but doing well in urban Brisbane. We also has our first encounter of a Masked Lapwing which started to react fiercely when we approached. I think it has a nest somewhere. We also saw a Brush Turkey and of course many small garden birds.

A nice little place to while away the time and explore artificial nature if one is not so incline to go to the nature reserve.

Bonus Trip –

The Brisbane Botanic Garden is situated at the foot of Mt Cootha so we actually started our day at Mt Cootha instead.  The summit of Mt Cootha at 287 metres above sea level is accessible by car so we drove all the way up although our original intention was to hike up. At the summit, one can get a panoramic view of Brisbane City.

There is a toilet and a restaurant and gift shop at the summit – too commercialized for our liking so we decided to explore the trails around it.

For those not inclined to hike- a better itinerary  is to visit the Brisbane Botanic Garden first and then to drive up to the Mt Cootha summit for the view and refreshment.

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