Marina Bay in a different light

Sometime ago there was a light festival at Marina Bay. There were many light installations put up with spectacular colours. There was also a carnival. There were many photos posted up on social media and that inspired me to go down to take a look and try my luck with some night photos. Unfortunately, when I reached the Floating Platform and sat down to setup my equipment, the leg of one of the tripod came away in my hand! It had broke and there goes my vision of light streaks, stars and whats not. And so I have to end up with hand held shots 🙁 

Anyway, here are some photos of the usual Marina Bay buildings and structure in a different light.

The familiar “lotus” of the Art Science Museum light painted with a mosaic of color 

The facade of one of the Pavilion adored with lips

And the Merlion becomes techicolour

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