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June 6, 2017

Fraser’s Hill

Went to Fraser’s Hill over the weekend. First time there and not really know what to expect, perhaps something like Cameron Highlands. But no matter what was looking forward to the trip, cause it was to be my first overseas birding trip and secondly to get away from the scorching Singapore heat. Fraser’s Hill didn’t turn out to be what I expected though.

Firstly it is kinda undeveloped despite it being one of the few remaining cool highlands left in Malaysia. There was no 5 stars hotels, no posh restaurant, no tourist markets and no tourists! What was there were some old buildings left over from the colonial days and which has mostly been converted to either guest house or corporate holiday retreats like this place here.

Other buildings are not so well maintained and have been left to fall into disrepair and abandoned in fact.

Even the main accommodation for tourists were some old weary looking buildings with limited facilities like just a restaurant with mediocre food and a small gift shop like the Punchak Inn that we stayed at. 

No giant supermart; no shopping mall and no amusement parks. This could be hell of a boring place for general public which is why there are no hordes of tourists and I love it!

Fraser’s Hill is a place not for sightseeing tourists but for nature lover, the green kind and not the sun, sand and sea type. What Fraser’s Hill lacks, it more than make up for with abundant forests

Various hiking trails

And a mini waterfall

But Fraser’s Hill fame is not the forest or the cool air but the wildlife and more specifically the birds. And birders and other nature lovers come here, to look at all sort of colorful birds, butterflies and even moths. And that is the reason why I was there too but more of that in later posts.

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