Chinese Garden, Singapore

Surprisingly I have never really been to the Chinese Garden at Jurong. I was there a few years ago to take photo at an event but that was in the evening and I went off soon after and never did get to explore the place. 

So on a recent weekday when I had a day off, I went there to look see look see and to see if I can find any nice birds. The Chinese Garden is part of the Jurong Lake area. The Chinese Garden is supposed to be a replicate of a typical Chinese park with pagodas, water boats house and pavilion. and next to it is the Japanese Garden, another imitation of a typical Japanese garden but I didn’t have time to visit that. There is ongoing renovation work going on to upgrade the Jurong Lake so only the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden is opened to visitors although it certainly didn’t seems like looking at the hoardings all over the place.

This is the main entrance to the Chinese Garden.

There is a typical arch bridge behind it which leads to the main building, just like a Chinese Palace but instead of a palace, it house a Tortoise Museum.

In the 13 hectare garden, there are the typical Chinese structures. Typical of the kiasu Singapore to throw everything in. The highlight is the 7 storey high Pagoda.

There is also 2 smaller Pagodas next to the lake which I think look so much more nicer.

And every Chinese Garden must have a stone boat house over looking a lake.

Scattered around the garden are many pavilions, stone statues of Chinese historical people and other sculptures. 

Sadly I didn’t get to see what I wanted, which was a Chinese Pond Heron but I did get to see many garden birds and as a consolation, a Common Sandpiper.

Generally a nice place to walk around in the early morning or late evening. Rest of the time it is too darned hot.

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