Wild Boars of Pasir Ris

I lived in Pasir Ris for a long time and I have heard so much about the wild boars of Pasir Ris but have until recently never seen one in the area. Not in Pasir Ris Park where there are signs warning of them or even at the Punggol Waterway/Lorong Halus where they were first reported in the press.

The other night though, on a whim was running along Drive 3 hoping to catch a glimpse of a family of White Bellied Sea Eagle. Instead of the Eagle, I stumbled upon a whole group of wild boars at the junction of Drive 3 and the Mainland Fish Farm. Here is a video I took of them scavenging for food.

I read in the press complaints of the wild boars – of them being a danger to the public. This being my first time encountering such a big group – there were at least more than 10, I played it safe and stood behind 2 big construction boulders (in the foreground of the video). However my observation was that the wild boars were more afraid of humans than we should be of them. Every time I made a sudden movement, the whole lot of them will run into the forest.

Nevertheless, I think with such a big group of them, there will be bound to be some animal/human conflicts especially if there are piglets. Also with them being so near the road, there is always the potential for them to go onto the road ending up as roadkill or causing a nasty accident.

I would like to suggest to the authorities to consider putting up a fence to stop the wild boars from encroaching onto the road. The fence can start from the perimeter fence of Mainland Fish Farm running along the edge of the forest grass verge to the Vue 8 condominium, a distance of about roughly 50 metres. The fence will keep the wild boars within the forested area and not go onto the pavement and roads and not run into any humans. Same time, it will serve as a sort of deterrent to itchy backside public who try to get too close to them. Also, the authorities should consider putting up prominent notices warning against feeding the wild boars. Hopefully, with these measures, it will be a win win situation for both the wild boars and the public and not result in the authorities having to cull the wild boars.

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