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January 20, 2017

Those Irresponsible Birders

Since I started doing bird and insect photographs, one of my pet peeves is the irresponsible photographers who are not nature or bird lover but are only interested in taking nice photo at all costs.

Hence we have birders who put styrofoam in fish to keep them afloat to lure eagle to catch this fish so that they can take photo of the eagle swopping down on the fish and disregarding that after the eagle eat the fish, it will also eat the styrofoam which it cannot digest.

Then there are other photographers who catch the chicks and tie them down just to make sure they stay still for a nice shot.

But fortunately people who goes to such extreme are rare or at least I hope.

What irks me more are those who lure birds with baits, play loud bird calls and trampled all over the forest scaring the birds and destroying the forest. Like last Saturday at the Singapore Botanic Garden where photographers were out in force to photo the 3 rare birds.

And this guy who don’t seem to know how to read who has climbed over the railings. And that is despite he having a super long lens and the birds just metres away from the boardwalk. 

Just exactly which part of no climbing over does he not understand? Or maybe he crawl underneath? Whatever it is, such selfish act can only block other photographers and scare away the birds. Worse, it may get Nparks pissed off enough to ban photographers from the area!

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