Bird Parade at Singapore Botanic Garden

For the past weeks, there has been much excitement as birders gathered at Botanic Garden to view/take photo of not one, not 2 but 3 rare birds that are not commonly seen in Singapore. And the amazing thing is that unlike most time when rare birds are spotted, they are usually found in different locations but this time for some reasons, all 3 birds are found not just in the SBG but in 1 common location. It was almost like Escape to Madagascar where all 3 birds have decided to escape together!

And so I present these 3 rare birds:

First up is the cannot be missed Silver Pheasant. This is a beautiful bird. This bird can only be found in mainland South East Asia and China and so it is a mystery how a lone bird has appear in SBG.  Some speculate it was released by Jurong Bird Park, some think it is an escapee or a released pet bird. Whatever it is, it appears quite tame and unafraid of human walking around calmly with the photographers clicking away.

Next is the slightly more common Red Legged Crake.

The one spotted is a junvenile. The Red Legged Crake is resident in Singapore but not easy to see because of its shy nature although this little one certainly isn’t shy. It was at the same area with the Silver Pheasant and walking up and down the fallen log. Unfortunately, due to the poor lighting condition there and its dark color, I didn’t manage a proper shot. 

Last but not least, just in time for Chinese New Year is this Orange Headed Thrush which had the birding community in rapture.

And it is certainly beautiful with a full orange body. This is a rare winter bird that originates from the Indian continent or China and mainland South East Asia.

And as a bonus, on our way out, we saw this Buffy Fish Owl.

4 birds that I have not seen previously. In birding speak, a lifer! and I got 4!

So the next time you visit the Botanic Garden, don’t just look at the plants. There are many many interesting wild birds there as well!

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