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November 29, 2016

TNF 100 2016 Eco Ambassadors

Once again it is the TNF 100 trail race in Singapore and a group of us are back for the 4th year running to support the event and to give back to the running community and at the same time play a small role in keeping our trails clean by picking up the trash in the trails.  

Photo Credit Maggie

It would have been nice if our roles are redundant and not required but unfortunately the sad truth is that many people who frequent our forests, be they hikers, nature lovers, mountain bikers or runners or workers leave behind a lot of trash in their wake.

Every year without fail, we pick up bags after bags of trash although I think there seems to be an improvement and we are picking up less trash nowadays. Or maybe it is because we are doing this yearly and the time gap for more trash to accumulate is shorter and hence less trash.

Anyway back to this year trash picking. The TNF organiser called us Eco Ambassadors – a politically correct and nice word for cleaner. This year there were 18 of us. We split ourselves into 4 groups with each group starting from a different location and covering a part of the race route plus some extra areas.tnf-eco-amb-2016

We picked up a total of 16 bags of trash. Main bulk of the items were bottles, food packaging, shoes and soles, clothing including a men’s brief. dsc_2334

The trails seem to be relatively clean.  Unfortunately there were a lot of trash under the various underpass and behind the fences. People seems to think that it is ok to throw as long as it is out of sight. 

Photo Credit: Maggie
Photo Credit Jancy

We  were well underway to complete the cleaning on time when the rain came. And that put paid to our day.


Oh well I suppose there always another day. And if you are reading this and am interested in participating in this, we do have ad hoc trail cleaning projects be it in conjunction with race organiser, Trail Running Singapore or Nparks and if you interested in joining this effort, feel free to drop me a message via email or pm me on Facebook.


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