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November 24, 2016

Never Stop Exploring – Mt Wakasuka

Most people go to Nara to see the deer. After our experience at Mt Daimoji, I didn’t want to get any surprise and this time we studied the location map and determine that there was another mountain behind Nara Park that we can climb – Mt Wakasuka. And while it was not too high – just about 350 metres, apparently there was proper access to the summit. Great!

So after the obligatory photos with the deer at Nara, we made our way to the entrance gate of Mt Wakasuka. There is a small admission fee of Y150 per person.dsc01045

We started our climb via a small flight of stairs flanked by trees with leaves that was turning red. 20161108_112533The stairs ended and became a small path which was very easy to walk. But it was raining and getting cold but all that was forgotten when we reached the first opening from the forest and got this stunning view.20161108_115845

And as the path ended, more and more stunning view emerged. It was all the more beautiful with the fog rolling in.dsc01103

There was this big open area where I would have love to just lie down and roll down – if it wasn’t raining.dsc01076

We reached this place that some website describe as a plateau where there were some signage. I supposed this is the mountain peak?dsc01062

But there was more road to go and so we continued our climb until we came to the top where there was a refreshment kiosk, a toilet, a guard post and a big car park but no view. What a bummer!dsc_2017

There was a road leading down from the car park and so we decided to walk down. After 20 minutes of walking, we felt that it was wrong. According to the map we seen at the entrance, we were suppose to be walking on a trail and not car road. So we decided to back track. By now the rain was getting heavy and we were in our poncho and the camera has been kept.

We reached back the summit and went back down to the plateau where the view has become even more beautiful with the heavy fog. dsc_2026 dsc_2032Thank goodness both our phones are waterproof phones! But visibility was getting bad even though it was only about 11 am and we didn’t waste too much time taking photos.dsc_2036


And we saw the trail that we should have taken to reach the bottom and it was an easy walk from here on to the bottom. Another off the tourist path outing done and dusted. Wet hike but nonetheless one of the highlight of this trip.

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