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November 11, 2016

Great Eastern Women’s Run

I have never missed this event even though I have never run in it since last I checked, I don’t qualify. But every year without fail unless I am not in town, I will make my way down either accompanying M and her friends or taking photos of the beautiful ladies.

I must admit I prefer taking photos of ladies runner than men. Somehow they are more photogenic and they dress in more colorful attire and make good photo subject. For example, a group of men vs a group of women. Invariably, the former will not look as glam or as good. And the ladies know how to ham it for the camera. Sly smile, pouting lips, arms on hips and legs forward. It is enough to make any men nose bleed and drip saliva all over. Most men will think the same as me. Don’t believe, just look at the number of male photographers at all women’s run!

Just look at this collage of the photos I taken during past few years races. Just look at the color!  Will it be the same if it is a collage of men? I seriously doubt.downloads6

Too bad I won’t be around this year to cover this. But ladies, do look out for my friends from Running Shots who will be there. Happy running and smile when you see the camera:)

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  • Diana

    Hi, I am from the Bali Beach Run Team, would like to invite you or your rep to join us this December. Please email me at dianabaliplus at gmail dot com. Thanks.


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