October 11, 2016

When the End justified the Means – Baloney and Crap

“The problem (remote gambling) exists today, with or without this managed space. Even with our bans and blocks, people find ways to go around it. We will continue to endeavour to continue to increase the friction, but we know that that overall space is just growing and given the profile of internet penetration in Singapore, there is a very real risk that people who really do desire to be online to game will find alternatives, despite everything that we have done. So, having a managed space allows us at least to provide a safer alternative.” Minister Tan Chuan-Jin as reported in the msm.

To cut out all the politically correct crap – this simply means – If you can’t beat them, join them.

After so many years I am still amazed at the talent that our scholars have in coming up with such creative spin to back the wishes of their political master.

Take the amendment to the Elected Presidential Act. Only the arse licking, boot sucking people will fail to see what it was for. The rest of the country knew why there is this big rush to push through the amendments. Was there a big hue and cry from the Malay community to have their race represented as President of Singapore? If the gahmen is sincere and truthful that the changes are not to prevent Dr Tan Cheng Bock from contesting the upcoming election, then it should kiv the implementation until after the 2017 election. But of course we all know it won’t be the case although I will be very happy to be proven wrong.

The justification for the exemption of Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club from the Remote Gambling Act is so weak that I am really amazed that they can come out with it and explain it with a straight face. Admittedly online gambling is ever present but not everybody in Singapore know how to access it or trust the operators of these mostly shady websites. By allowing Singapore Pools and Turf Club to run their own sites, it is making it easy for the rest of the population to go online gambling with a trusted and known institution. The real reason I suspect is not so much “managed control” but to earn a slice of the pie which according to their own admission is growing at 6 – 8 % annually.

And this is not without precedent. Just look back at the justification for the 2 casinos.

“Tourism is booming in Asia-Pacific and either Singapore stands still and doesn’t take full advantage of this growth, or we join everybody else and compete for part of this growth … if you want to compete for part of this growth, then Singapore must offer new attractions, new ways to attract people to Singapore. … Singapore, which is considering a casino as part of a resort that will include hotels, convention centers and an entertainment complex, is aiming to double annual tourist arrivals to 17 million and triple tourism revenue to S$30 billion ($18 billion) by 2015. – Minister Lim Hng Kiang 2005.

So at the end, for the Remote Gambling and the “Integrated Resort”, it is about revenue. Maybe the gahmen can argue job creation as well. I don’t see why not? But like the Elected Presidential Act, what the gahmen wants, the gahmen gets. By whatever justification.

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